Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hamburger SV; Hamburg, Germany

Like many foreign clubs Hamburg are a multi-sports organisation, this is the home of the Hamburger SV ice hockey team. They are based at the Stellingen ice rink, which is strange, as it appears to have previously been some sort of cycling velodrome. It is also open to the elements, bar the roof! the cld certainly gets to you. In effect an 'open air' venue.

They play in the Oberliga, which is the third tier of German ice hockey. I have seen them play here before, & they are the main team at Stellingen, but tonight I saw 'rink sharers' Altonaer SV take on SC Langenhagen 1b, further down the pyramid in the Verbandsliga Nord.

Here is the approach to the rink, from the main road, the roof not shown too clear, unless you look carefully, due to the cloud overhead.

This path, by the HSV noticeboard, leads up to the ice.

Here we see the venue from outside, round the back. The unusual roof is made by this company.

Under the roof, the players come on & off the ice here, over a disused track.

There is a raised scaffold terrace for fans, only on the one side, which we see from behind.

Above the track is this public area, with some benches.

Moving along toward the 'corner', you can see what I mean about it being 'outdoors' despite a roof.

A christmas tree, well it was only fours weeks before christmas day.

Stepping back into the rink now, we turn round to the terrace.

The path around the top of the curve continues, but there's a rail stopping you from going round there.

Presumably translates as no John Cleese impressions!

Here is the curve behind the goal.

And another glance down the main side.

From the top of the curve, yes I did ignore that sign, a shot of the whole ice pad.

Moving on round.

This was taken from the far side, as I passed through the next day.

Nowe we're behind the terrace once more. This is the way the fans reach it from the back.

Down these steps. At the top there is a small refreshment booth, which was shut this evening. Also a small room, like a train station wwaiting room really, with a couple of benches, where you could keep warm.

This phone was in that area, no reason to take this snap, apart from the fact it looked so different, & old fashioned, by modern standards.

This is part of a notice on a board, listing all the hockey games in the area, including junior ones. I picked one out for the following night, to keep me occupied.

Now we are at the front of the benched 'terrace'. I called it a 'terrace' because it was so cold that people stood to keep warm!

At the front were the penalty boxes.

The Zamboni, preparing the ice.

There were some advertising around the boards.

The Streetwear one is a fashion range, & next to it is the inline section board.

While this explains who the pizza company were who had the big hoarding on the pitch at half time, at the HSV versus Stuttgart match in the afternoon.

Now we back at the side of the arena where we came in.

One of the sparse springling of fans, clearly a 'hockey nut', judging by his Bully Dogs shirt & all the badges on his hat.

Another sign at this end, I didn't bother going beyond it, as it would have been practically identical to the other end.

The teams head down to the ice.

Game about to start.

Pre-match huddle.

Game on!

A penalty shot...he missed!

Well it would be hockey without a bit of 'handbags'!

Game over, final score on the board.

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