Wednesday 4 January 2012

Dundee Stars; Scotland

Dundee Stars in February 2011, having been to the two big football grounds in the city the same weekend, so a treble sporting weekend for me!

Dundee Arena, from outside.

As you can see, it was an Elite League fixture.

A commemorative plaque, for the opening.

On entering there is a hockey sports shop on the right.

Once inside the merchandise tables are right in front of you.

Flat standing at this end.

From roughly the same spot we look down the ice.

Goal judge sat behind the net.

Behind us is a cafe area.

Plenty of tables & chairs.

There is a bar area upstairs, above it, where you can watch the game through the glass.

Turning down the side, there is a large bank of seating.

Looking along them.

Some of the crowd sat in them during the game.

The team benches are in front of that side.

Complete with main sponsors sign.

Poor lad...ginger & fat! ;-)

From the back of this side we look at the identical seating opposite, with some more at the far end.

Here we glance back at the unseated bar end.

Honours banners hanging down.

The back row of the benchside seats.

Directly over the centre of the ice.

Moving further along we see over the arena.

There is also seating behind the next goal, some unused & taken over by some sort of stage area.

From up in them we look up the ice.

Similar shot, more in the centre.

Over in the next corner, looking over the seating we've already covered.

Now down this side, for the last stretch of the rink.

On this side there are some of the visiting fans.

At the front are the timekeeping & penalty boxes.

A couple of home fans let me take a snap of their shirts.

As do this nest of Vipers from Newcastle!

Mustn't leave out the mascot...

Here he is, looking a little 'pucked off' on the ice! ;-)

Obligatory Zamboni picture.

That's the venue covered, time to settle down for the match.

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