Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bahrenfelder SV; Hamburg, Germany

Another ground from my late 2010 trip to Germany, this one in Hamburg,
Bahrenfelder SV are a Kreisliga 5 side, which I am told is step ten of their non-league system.
It wasn't a ground I was actually looking for, I was just walking around the area near Altona 93 & stumbled across it.

Entrance to the ground, clubhouse & changing rooms.

In front of the main building, inside the ground.

The main pitch is in front, a bit of a ditsnce, with a track round it.

Getting closer to the pitch, it a very basic ground, and very open!

There is some open terracing along the left hand side, this is the way we are going to stroll round, clockwise.

A few steps, railed off, behind the track.

A bench at the rear, & secondary pitch behind.

One of the dugouts.

With an Altona 93 fans sticker on it!

The terrace continues the full length, toward the next dugout.

Here it is.

No spectator facilities for the rest of the ground, open behind the far goal.

From behind the net, dugouts to the right.

With just the track to the left.

Well a bit more...a bench!

The view, sitting on it.

The clubhouse & changing rooms, behind the goal.

From the end where we started, behind the net,which concludes our brief visit.

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