Thursday 23 February 2012

Dulwich Village FC

Dulwich Village are a Haart Kent County League Division Two West club. I saw them play at the PELO ground, in Dulwich Village. It is 'officially' part of the Dulwich Sports Ground, which is the other side of the fence, & what was once known as the South Bank Polytechnic ground, in 'old money'. That is the current home of Southern Amateur League side South Bank CUACO, & a previous venue for the Dulwich Hamlet Youth Team.

I count the PELO ground as a separate venue, as there is a fence between the two, & there is a different entrance, thus making it a ground in it's own right, as far as I am concerned.

This game on 7th January 2012, turned out to be the last Dulwich Village match here, as they are now playing their home matches in Bellingham, so I was extremely fortunate to get this 'tick'.
The opponents were Halstead, who went home with the points, winning by the odd goal in three.
I spoke, briefly to one of their officials, & he was very friendly, seeming pleased to see a Hamlet fan at the game. It's a shame they've had to move out to Bellingham, but I wish them well.

Dulwich Hamlet were away to Eastbourne Town on the same day, I was a little short of cash after the christmas break, so gave that a miss, & came here, to 'double up' with the first Streatham Redskins home game at their new 'temporary' rink in Brixton.

The entrance is down this driveway.

PELO sign at the top of the drive.

The main South Bank grounds are the other side of this fence.

This is the pitch our game is on, there is another beyond it, alongside.

It is a simple sportsground venue, just roped off on two sides, &, unsurprisingly, no programme, & no charge to watch.

Behind this goal is the clubroom & changing rooms. There is no bar,as such, but they do sell hot & cold drinks, as well as snacks, like Mars bars.

Directly behind the net at this end, setting sun facing us.

The low rope is stringed out to the next corner.

In the distance is the Crystal Palace television transmitter.

At the corner we look back along behind the goal.

The touchline down the side.

With the closeness of the two touchlines It wouldn't be possible to rope off between the two!

Heading to the next corner, we see the far end. This snap is a great example of why I don't snap basic sportsgrounds on a non-matchday. There really si nothing to see!

At the corner flag, turning to the far end.

And behind it, for a half-time corner flag shot, either side on opposite touchlines.

The view down the pitch, from behind the penalty area.

Facing the goalnet.

Then on to the next corner.

By the next corner flag we can see it's roped off down this side.

Glancing down the rope & the touchline.

The home open air 'virtual dugout' coming into view!

Almost at the halfway line. One of the buildings past the second pitch is the world famous Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Passing the 'dugout'!

Circuit almost complete, main building ahead.

The car park approach, where we came in.

At the corner now, looking down the near touchline.

Back at the corner where we began.

Some photos from the match, to finish with.


Anonymous said...

your pitch is dirty and your coaches are unprofessional please step your game up.


Rabbler said...

In case you haven't got the brains to work out, which clearly you haven't, this photoblog is about grounds that I visit. I have no connection to Dulwich Village FC, & they have no connection to this blog. I would suggest you contact them direcly...and have the bollocks to leave your name!

Anonymous said...

and where does dulwich village play?
and how could I find out?