Tuesday 28 February 2012

Cleve RFC; Bristol

Cleve RFC are a club from Bristol, and their ground is few yards along from the local football club, Mangotsfield United. Cleve currently play in the Tribute South West 1 West division, which (not being a follower of rugby union) is, I think, on the fifth regional rung of the national Union pyramid.

The entrance into the ground, from the main road. Note the club name on the brickwork.

Cleve on the left...

with the RFC bit on the right.

Across the car park is the main club building, which includes this clubhouse.

There are memorial gates at the entrance to the actual ground itself.

Here is the other one.

Remembering their fallen...

Named on the other pillar.

With the club crest on top of each gate.

Straight ahead is the main side, pavilion & changing rooms. Note the hut on wheels, that is the matchday admission booth.

A neat wooden fence goes around the pitch.

Like the vast majority of minor football grounds they are basic, spectator facility wise, around the pitch. As we can see looking over the pitch from this first corner, it is a very open venue.

We are going to turn left, clockwise, round the ground. Behind the posts at this end there is hard standing all the way along.

From this end we turn right, to the pavilion side.

Then left, behind the posts.

And onward, along the path behind the goal.

At the corner there is a scoreboard.

From this spot we have our next 'corner' shot.

Down the side is more open hard standing.

From here we turn back behind the end we've just walked along.

Over the halfway line.

And then we carry on along the side.

Now at the third corner.

Behind this goal is more hard standing, with trees behind.

The main side, to the left now, through the posts.

Heading toward our last corner.

Again, very open along the main side.

We reach the club buildings, where there is a modern barrel roofed terrace set back from the pitch.

Just a few steps, it looks nice enough, but i don't think you'd get too much protection when it rains.

The bins have the Club emblem on them!

The players 'tunnel' from on the pitch.

Heading toward the gates where we came in.

Past the changing rooms is this entrance into the clubhouse.

Back to where we started, end of our brief dip into rugby union.

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