Saturday 24 May 2008

Unknown derelict ground, Tallinn, Estonia

I took these snaps in July 2007. I passed this old stadium in my taxi from the airport, when arriving on the Friday morning. I looked for it, and took these on the Sunday afternoon, the day before I went home.

I have no idea when it was last used for football, it's looks well overrun, but that doesn't neccesarily mean it was too many years ago.

There wwas no old signage to indicate which club(s) once played here.

This looks like the old entrance kiosk.

A view across the old pitch, from the main road.
The photo,above, is to the right of this snap, below.

And still looking toward the pitch is this also disused all-weather
surface. You can see the main pitch, to the right.

Another view of the all-weather surface, with the grass
pitch in the background.

This was taken from up on the main road, where this old
gate was left open.