Wednesday 21 March 2012

Dorking Wanderers

Dorking Wanderers are a Sussex County League Division Two side, who I saw as the second part of a 'double' on Christmas Eve 2011. A homely ground, clearly a 'labour of love', everythin made of wood! They have just got planning permission for floodlights, so they could move up a division or two in the next few years. Another larger than normal crowd here, as groundhoppers converged from far & wide. Programmes sold out by the time I arrived, but fortunately a Worthing supporting mate gave me his copy. Happy days! ;-)

The ground is through this narrow car park approach, from the main road.

This is the game I am here for.

Other football & cricket is played on the outer pitches, the main ground being enclosed, by the railway line.

The Old Dorkinians pitch, outside the main ground.

The admission shed.

Just inside, looking back at more people coming in.

We are at the corner of the pitch, looking down the side, is there a tighter one anywhere in non-league football?

The same spot, turning a little, first corner flag shot, over to the main side, with a bit of cover, & the dugouts.

I think the corner flag itself has seen better days!

The area behind the goal, changing room buildings ahead, on the left.

A path behind the pitch perimeter, muddy grass behind.

The changing room huts.

A bit strange in that you an see into them, through the glass.

The wooden fencing forms the 'tunnel' from the changing rooms.

Box Hill, part of the North Downs, form a wonderful backdrop, behind the 'tight' side.

Behind the goal, looking over to the dugouts side.

On the path, behind the goal, hoppy busy sorting out their team lists.

The 'tunnel'.

Past the other post.

Now to the left...

The players tunnel, from pitchside.

Continuing past it.

Another angle, up to the changing rooms.

Past the tunnel now, from the other side of it.

A train whizzes past, as we are in the 'tunnel'.

Moving on to the corner.

The smart wooden fence goes all the way round, here we see down the side.

We are right at the second corner of our circuit.

Hard standing down the side, more flat grass behind.

The view down this side.

Approaching the dugouts.

The front of them, from the side.

The away one, which is the first one we reach.

The path continues behind them.

The halfway line is between the two.

Past the second one is a small area of cover.

This is the second one, the home dugout.

Here they both are, in the same shot.

The covered shed, from the side. Though it's not clear, calling it a 'shed', as every buidling is some sort of wodden shed! ;-)

Looking over the pitch, from behind the home dugout.

Under the covered area there are actually a few benches.

Behind the cover is a wooden tea bar & bar area.

The spectator shed, from the other side.

And from just in front of it.

Club name on the front.

The refreshment shed, behind it.

Lots of spectators leaning on the fence.

A childrens play-area, just beyond, on the left.

The end of the refreshment 'doubles up' as a little 'executive box'!

Inside it's 'basic'.

Back outdoors, we're moving on toward the next corner.

Glancing back the size of the crowd is clear.

Almost a the turn now, training lights in shot, for the open area behind the goal.

Third corner flag of the afternoon.

Behind the goal, over to the 'tight' side.

No hard standing at all behind this goal.

Up along the main side touchline.

Behind the training end.

An old mate of mine, Dave.

Moving back along to the goal, which we've just seen.

The only 'letdown' of the day...a broken fence! ;-)

Directly behind the net, that pitch needs a roller!

Past the goal now.

Toward the 'tight' side.

Ah, there's that roller I was talking about!

One glance back behind the goal.

Then along the side. The other side of the fence...

Is the secondary pitch, used by the old boys side.

From the side, across the area.

Heading toward where we started.

The bar area opposite.

As is the covered shed.

I hope I can squeeze through!

One man & his dogs going the other way!

Dugouts over the pitch.

Moving along...excuse me, please!

Turning back, some spectators 'framed' by the training goal.

Directly over the halfway line.

And just past it.

Looking back, not much space at all.

The view across the pitch, once more.

Continuing along the 'tight' side.

Train passing behind the dugouts.

One of the many hoppers I was introduced to, this chap came all the way down from the north-west of England!

'Mind your backs'! 'Scuse me please'!

Bring you own seat...

Almost there, looking toward the changing rooms end, were we began.

Just back to that corner now.

Another view of the 'tight' side..without the fans!

Last view, unhindered by people watching the game.

This game here, just about to start...