Friday 18 May 2012

A few mored added to....

The Evzena Rosickeho Stadium, which is the one on Strahov Hill, which has been used in the past, among others, Slavia Praha, as a home venue, while their Eden stadium was demolished, and them rebuilt.

I have added a few more photos from when I saw Slavia Praha Under 19s play here on Wednesday 26th October 2011. You can seem, & the previous ones, by clicking:


Monday 14 May 2012

Broxbourne Borough V & E

Broxbourne Borough V & E compete in the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division, I missed the chance to visit here in September 2008, when Dulwich Hamlet played here in an FA Cup replay, as I couldn't get the time off work.

I made amends by seeing an FA Sunday Cup 4th round tie tie between FC Tripimeni & Dee Road Rangers on 22nd January 2012. It was a stagne ground, as there appeared to be some sort of redevelopment behind, on one side, with a lot of the spectator facilities also packed into one corner, as you will see.

Approaching the ground, the clubhouse is outside.

Past this, to the right of the above, is another brick building.

Home of another local sports club.

Judo & Ju-Jitsu.

Beyond this is an entrance to the ground, though it looked firmly shut!

The actual entrance is back behind the clubhouse, which we saw first of all. From this sign it seems that Spurs Ladies also play here.

Also a banner for club sponsors.

Further along, this appears to be the turnstile gate, but shut today.

Beyond this is the portacabin style boardroom.

With the clubhouse and changing rooms behind us.

Staight ahead now is the ground, through these gates, which is the 'players tunnel', so to speak.

Through them and we are behind the goal.

To the right is the main stand, I call it the main one because it's the larger one, and on the halfway line, so the best vantage point.

Immediately to our right, behind the goal, is open hard standing.

While to our left is more seating, unusually built on wooden decking.

Here we see the seats behind the goal from on the pitch.

Turning right, along the touchline, we also see the covered terrace down the first part of the side.

In front of the first part of seating is a club sign, provided by Fosters.

Back on the spectator side now, looking along the seats.Note the brown wood ahead...

This is the turnstile, which we saw was closed, outside.

Past that is more seats to the corner.

Views somewhat obstructed, though.

Looking staight ahead, up the pitch. The rest of the ground is very open.

In the actual corner, between these seats, and the cover laong the side, is a sectioned off area.

This is the directors box. I Don't think I've ever seen one in such a spot in a ground before.

From in it we look back along behind the goal.

And here is the view from the back.

First corner flag shot, larger stand on the far side.

The terrace down the first part of this side is more of the wooden decked type.

It's as if they got some sort of sponsorship from a garden centre!

From here we see back behind the goal, mainly the seated half of it.

Moving along this is approximately how far the cover reaches.

Past that is this gate, not sure if it's supposed to stop spectators going past it or not, I don't see why they shouldn't.

Moving on, it's open hard standing, up to the dugouts.

The main stand on the other side of the pitch.

The first dugout, with 'open air' extension!

The path continues behind the brick built structures.

Here is the first one from the front.

And the other, pitchside, too.

The other stand, directly across the halfway line.

And then onward, past the dugouts, to the next corner.

Glancing back ath the other open part of the dugout as we go.

Hard standing, very open, to the end.

At the corner now, we look down the side, with the rest of the ground as backdrop.

Turning left a little, for the corner flag shot.

More open hard standing behind the goal.

Almost behind the net, big stand in the background.

And back right, to the dugouts side.

Behind us is an open training area.

Directly behind the net.

And then to the left of it.

Moving on to the next corner, there's a small grass bank, to ffer a slightly set back elevated vantage point.

Down the side is more open hard standing up to the stand. Behins it is recently moved soil, where there appears to be preparatory building work going on. No idea what it is.

Last glance behind the goal, before we continue around the ground.

Next corner flag angle, cover on the other side visible.

Now down the far side.

Almost at the larger stand.

Plenty of seats in it.

From the side we see out of it, to the part of the ground we've just walked along.

And then across the pitch, from the rear.

And now across it, eyes to the left.

In the stand, looking over the halfway line, to the dugouts.

Now we see the last section of it.

Beyond is more open hard stadning, the temporary fence between the ground & the builders having been blown down.

Before we move onward, we turn back to see the stand from this angle.

Here we can clearly see all the rubble behind the fallen down fencing, as we head to the corner.

At the corner is part of an old path, that leads up to the first, closed, turnstiles we saw outside.

No longer in use, because of the building work.

This is the view of the ground from them.

Now back at the pitch rail, we look behind the goal, which is the end where we began.

Our final corner flag picture.

Behind the goal it's more of the same open hard standing.

Almost at the goal now.

Here we are, almost where we came into the ground.

Which was here, as the teams get ready to come onto the pitch.

The game is about to kick off...