Saturday 24 April 2010

Boreham Wood

Boreham Wood, as the club is called, as opposed to the town itself, which is spelt Borehamwood, are a Ryman League Premier Division club. My first visit here was in the late seventies, watching Dulwich Hamlet, & is still a smart, well kept ground, that doesn't seem to have aged. I visited twice, earlier this season, for two European Womens' Champions' League games, as this is also the home ground of Arsenal Ladies.

The club fixture board outside.

And a Football Foundation one, who I presume funded the adjacent all-weather pitch, & new changing rooms.

Here is one of the turnstiles.

Behind the main stand is this car park, with club bars & buildings to the right. To the left of the trees is the all-weather pitch.

This was the gate used for the Arsenal Ladies' match.

After going inside the main stand is immediately to our left.

In the other direction, toward the corner, is open terracing. This is the way we're going to head round, anti-clockwise.

In the corner is the Boreham Wood club shop.

Behind the goal is a decent area of open terracing.

Looking across the pitch, at the first 'corner flag', we see the covered terrace along the far side.

Here we look along the terracing from the back of it.

And from the same spot we glance back at the main stand.

Moving along slightly, now glancing down at the goal, and over the pitch.

Directly behind the goal, the stand once more.

Now the other end of the net, over to the opposite side.

And now the rest of the terrace, what I call the 'Bronco spot'. time for an old Hamlet anecdote, I'm afraid. Bronco was an old, strong pensioner, who loved baiting opposition players & fans alike. At an FA Trophy tie here in 1980, late in the second half he got into an 'altercation' with another elderly home fan. One punch knocked him to the ground, not surprising as Bronco was an old bare knuckle stree fighter! Their old boy sat on the ground shaking: " I'm 74, & he's attacked me. Call the police!" Bronco menacingly towered over him-"Well I'm seventy five, & if you get up I'll hit you again!"

Looking toward the side now, the local council may well support the club, shame they can't spell the name of it!

Toilets & refreshments along the side, with a hoarding for the local college that links up with their youth academy set up.

Before we head down the side we look back along the open terrace.

Now we're along the side, almost under the covered terrace.

Next 'corner flag' shot, the bulk of the crowd over that side.

Protective grill in from of the tea bar, with terrace beyond.

Only a few steps, but still a nice stretch of covered terrace.

Directly opposite the main stand, the trees behind making a nice backdrop.

Hanging down from the roof of the terrace, in the centre across from the main stand, are some official UEFA flags, actually covering up the words 'Boreham Wood FC'.

Moving along, past the flags, the terrace continues to the end, a mate of mine, Dave West, gives me a sad thumbs up!

Moving quickly past him we can see the start of more open terracing behind the goal.

From this side we see the terrace behind this far goal properly, for the first time.

In the corner, under the cover, is another refreshment hut, not in use for that purpose this afternoon, but 'changing' to an Arsenal Ladies club shop.

Here we look back along the covered terrace side.

Next 'corner flag' snap, again main stand in the background.

Here we see the open terracing behind this goal, similar to the other end, except it doesn't run the full length.

Now behind the goal we look across the pitch.

And then to our left, down the covered terrace side, where you can clearly see the UEFA flags hanging down.

Looking through the net, after the visiting side have conceded another.

After the terracing stops there are turnstiles at this end, and exit gates, with the club initials smartly painted on them.

There is a gate here, presumably for pitch maintenance vechicles, like tractors.

There's also a mobile refreshment hut, and then the terracing continues to the corner.

Which we see here.

From this corner, behind the goal, we look down toward the main stand.

Along the side is more terracing, the brick building on the right are the changing rooms, before the main stand.

Having turned the last corner we look back behind the goal.

A little bit of action from the second half.

We have now reached the seats.

Moving along we can see the dugouts at the front.

Looking down the seats, from the back.

This is one of the dugouts, press box behind, at the back of the stand.

And this centre part is for the various club officials.

The club badge is on top of the dugouts.

and we are now at the end of the stand, which will bring us to the part of the ground where we came in, & so finish our tour.