Sunday 18 April 2010


So who are LPOSSA? Well the sign on the main road outside the ground gives it away.

I was at the LPR Club, Sudbury, Middlesex on Saturday 17th April for a Cherry Red Books Middlesex County League Division One West match between London Post Office Sports and Social Association Fc & Greens United. It even got a write up on the Football Association webite!

It was an 11.00am kick off, & another of the excellent Middlesex League morning hop games. The football is entertaining enough for such a low level of the pyramid, & it gives people like me the chance to see football in this league, which we would not otherwise attend.
I look forward to going to a couple more next season, & thank whoever it is who organises these early matches.

As to be expected at this level, there is a nice club building, but nothing else spectator wise.

The visitors' minibus, with a website address on it that no longer exists.

Here we are inside the sports ground, with a patio area outside the clubhouse, which is where the programmes were on sale for £2 each. not worth £2 really, but admission is free, so it was like paying two quid to get in, & rasing maoney for the home club, who I expect produced a programme sepcially for this match. So not a bad price after all.

Groundhoppers in the bar before kick off, tea bar in the corner.

Here is a shot of the bar itself.

herecwe look across part of the sports ground. There was three full size football pitches, a couple of small sided children's ones; & a rugby pitch.

For some it was vital to get the full team lists noted.

I stood on the far side of the roped of pitch for most of the game, from roughly this spot.

I still do a circuit, snapping away, even though there are no stands or terracing. Here we see behind one of the goals, where you can see the club building in the background behind the tree.

This is the side I was standing on, where most of the groundhopping spectators stood.

Set back behind the goal to our left, which we just looked at, were these boats, by the cricket net & ground maintenance equipment. Maybe for very wet winters, instead of a tractor?

From behind the goal, as we start in a clockwise circuit, we look down the 'popular' side.

Game in progress, as we see the other side of the pitch.

Here are some of the spectators behind the goal.

The only 'shelter' was under this tree, set back from the goal.

Another view of the pitch at this end, a few yards behind the rope.

Now we're looking down the other touchline, what is a little unual is that the pitch rope is set back a little more than usual from the pitch markings.

There are no dugouts as such, but pub garden style table 'improvise'!

This was the home one, the box being the one from where the programmes were sold, outside the bar, earlier.

This is the visitors' one.

You won't see any beer in the dugouts at Premiership games! This is true grassroots football! ;-)

Moving on we look back down this touchline, & you can see what I mean about the rope being set a bit of a way back.

Nothing to see really, but I'll still do a 'corner flag' shot!

Still roped off behind the goal at this end, but a bit more deserted.

A better view to be had on the sidelines.

Well there's always one...

A bit more match action...

Back on the busy side now, behind the crowd.

there was also one table on this side, the 'main stand', so to speak!

Another shot of some of the 85 strong crowd.

This snapper is a good friend of mine, Dave West. Who actually won't see it, as he doesn't have a computer!

A few more action shots...

Back behind the goal, looking down the full length of the pitch.

No wonder the Greens & their keeper look gutted. This is way into stoppage time & they've just conceded the winner. Game over, time for me to dash back across London for the game at Champion Hill.

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