Saturday 30 April 2011

SC Comet Kiel; Germany

SC Comet Kiel compete in the Verbandsliga Schleswig-Holstein-Nord-Ost, which is part of the sixth rung of the German footballing pyramid. I took a look at their ground in November 2010. The weather was windy, cold & it was snowing! So it's a bit hard to see the place under a blanket of the white stuff, but we'll give it a go!

A sign points the way to the ground.

This is the clubhouse & changing rooms building.

A large sign lists the club sponsors on the wall.

There is also a club noticeboard attached to it.

By the clubhouse we look out to the pitch. I told you it was snowing!

Presumably this gap in the pitch perimeter is where the players come onto the pitch. The ground is completely open, we can see the dugouts on the far side.

Out on the main side we turn back to the clubhouse.

Moving to the front we see there are a few steps of terracing along this side.

The terracing extends to the corner. Note the blue on the left...

It seems to be the PA box.

Almost at the corner we look toward the tree lined open end behind the goal.

Snow is snow..I'm sure it would look better in the summer!

It's completely flat behind the goal. It is grass underneath.

From this end we look over to the main terraced side.

Behind the goal we turn left, to the dugouts side.

And directly up the pitch.

At the next corner we glance back behind the goal.

Now along the next side, here appears to be a few steps of terracing at the front, it is grass banking behind.

We are now almost opposite the club building.

Behind one of the dugouts.

It was so cold I couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to hop over the fence to snap the dugout properly, so I just leaned over for this shot.

Moving on we can see the outline of the steps under the snow.

Stretching over the pitch surround once more, for the second dugout.

Almost at the end, the terracing is a little clearer.

A corner shot, over the pitch.

At the top of the grass bank behind this corner is the club war memorial.

Now we are behind the goal at this end.

Stepping back, carefully going up the grass bank, we get a snow covered panoramic picture of the ground.

A behind the net snap from this end now, toward the dugouts.

From here we zoom in on one of them.

Heading toward the next corner we see this ticket shed. To the left of it is a path, leading down to the road.

At the bottom of it is this marvellous club sign.

Back up in the ground, from the corner, there are steps leading up to the main terraced side.

The open terrace is clearer here, & I brush away some of the snowe covering, to reveal it is brick paved terracing along this side.

We continue along.

Until we are back at the main club building, to complete out tour.