Tuesday 22 March 2011


Northwood currently play in the Zamaretto League Central Division, though they have also played in the Isthmian League. Mu most recent visits here have been to see Dulwich Hamlet reserves a few seasons ago, & this night time match earlier this season to see our youngsters win in the FA Youth Cup. As it was a night game some of the photos aren't the clearest, but I hope that doesn't detract from what is quite a nice little ground.

It's certainly changed from my first visit, date lost in the 'mists of time', but it was in the early eighties when I was still at school, I think for a Hellenic League match.

This was the entrance used for the Youth match.

Behind this entrance was the clubhouse & changing room building, with this welcoming sign on the outer wall of it.

Here we are inside the bar.

Clearly a busy community club.

There was also a tea bar in here.

A current league table on the wall too.

Back outside, the entrance tonight was in this corner of the pitch.

To our right there is this covered terrace.

We are going to head down this side though, going round the ground clockwise.

Line ups snapped from the tannoy announcer.

Moving along we reach the cover along this side.

Three steps, but open between outer wooden perimeter & the roof. Any cover is better than none, but I can't see this giving much protection from the elements when the rain comes down.

As we move along the steps narrow to two.

From this side we look back down the slope to the covered end.

Here we see the side cover, from pitchside.

Past the terrace now, we look back along it.

Now it's open hard standing, with grass behind, as we reach the dugouts.

This goes all the way to the next corner, & past the other dugout.

Inbetween the two dugouts we see over the halfway line, to the seats opposite.

Turning back to the covered end, from the same spot.

And then to the left, up to the open end.

Here we see the dugouts, from the front.

Onwards to the top corner.

We're getting there!

The pitch is below the standing areas here, as you can see by looking up from the pitch.

Right in the corner is the remains of the Isthmian sponsors hoarding.

Turning round we see down the ground.

This is the open end, also up above the pitch, with just a single hoarding on the pitch perimeter.

It is from sponsors Courage.

Back at the corner, we look across the pitch.

Up behind the goal it's hard standing & grass.

Almost behind the net, the seated area in the background.

A hole in the fence, the local cemetery is on the other side.

Turning back, you can see how high we are above the pitch, at this top end of the stadium.

Past the post, toward the seats.

Now the hard standing continuing to the next corner.

The perimeter fence turns.

A last view along the open end.

Another 'corner' angle over the pitch.

Heading down this open stretch, toward the main stand.

From the side we look back up to the goal.

And over the pitch.

Now we reach the stand, which is actually two next to each other.

The smaller one doesn't have many seats, & is not in the best state of repair. I would guess this was their original one, when they were lower down the pyramid.

The main one looks much newer.

Here we see it from in front.

The section for Club officials in the centre of it.

Then two more general seated sections past that.

This is the last part of it.

Moving back we approach it again, from the other side of the fence.

Getting closer you can clearly see the difference between the two structures.

And closer still!

Facing it full on.

Now we're looking to the covered end.

Glancing back along the stand from the bottom end of it.

Past it there is open hard standing to the next corner.

At the bottom are a set of turnstiles. I presume these are the main ones on a First Team matchday.

A little blurred unfortunately, but I always like to see a 'proper' turnstile!

Almost at the covered end now, for the final leg of our circuit.

In the corner a hoarding aimed at fans facing them, instead of being on the other side of the fence.

Our final corner flag snap.

A shallow step of terrace under the roof behind this goal.

Up the touchline, back to the seats.

Heading toward the centre, behind the goal.

The step narrows.

But still with a roof over it.

The net is smart, in club colours.

Almost back at the corner, where our tour began, which concludes our photos of the ground.