Thursday 31 March 2011

Germinal Beerschot; Antwerp, Belgium

Germinal Beerschot play in the Jupiler Pro League, which is the top flight in Belgium, & they come from Antwerp.

The ground, although completely rebuilt, hosted the 1920 Olympic Games.

I have not seen a game here, but took these photos of the stadium in June 2010.

The street name recalls the Olympics of over ninety years ago.

As does this one,which is the actual road the club is based on.

This is the main entrance into the ground.

This modern block is in the corner, which includes the main offices; a restaurant/bar & the club shop.

On the left is the back of the main stand.

This appears to be the entrance for the executives & sponsors.

This sign was the clue for me!

Back at the corner, looking the other way is the back of one of the ends.

I think this is the name of the bar area, but I'm not 100% on this.

Club name hanging down from high. Quick, behind, is their major sponsor; & is a burger chain.

Under the stand is a matchday bar area.

I loved the football themed toilets!

And now, finally, into the ground itself. From the corner where the buildings we have seen are.

The main stand, ahead, has the executive boxes, & the section in front appears to be junior area.

Still in this corner we see the stand opposite the main one.

And to the right is the stand behind the goal. We are going to head straight ahead, along the front of the main stand.

The dugouts are in front, in the centre.

We turn back behind the goal.

Then the other way, toward the identical stand to our left.

And across the pitch.

Another glance back, from in front of the dugout.

One of which we see here.

Moving on we see the others, for the extra fourth official, & the opponents.

Heading toward the corner & here is the players' tunnel.

Just before we reach it is a backdrop for television matches.

Directly down the tunnel.

With another board for television.

The corner of the stand behind this goal, by the tunnel, appears to be for away fans, fully fenced in.

Looking up into this stand.

Now right behind the goal, we see the next stand.

Before turning back to the main one.

Moving on to the next corner we see the scoreboard.

The third stand now, down the side.

Looking back at the second one.

Before the 'cornerflagless' shot.

Down the side, with the stand at the other end as a backdrop.

We move behind this stand, rules & regulations on display.

No idea, but it's along the lines of "Don't even think about it!" ;-)

More of the footballing toilets.

And bars under the stand.

Supporters' mural on the wall, I don't know the story behind it.

Things not to take up into the stand.

And so without them all we go back up into the seats.

Across the pitch, not so clear, into the bright summer sun.

A close up of the upper tier.

And back over to the tunnel corner.

And a close up of the corner where we walked in.

The final stand, where we will finish up.

Climbing up into the stand along the side, we see across it.

At the back the stand with the away end, is clearly visible.

The view right over the whole pitch.

A similar shot, to include two stands.

Now just the main one, opposite.

And 'Tribune 4' to our left.

The same stand, but a bit further along the side Tribune.

At the bottom corner now, of the stand along the side.

The last one, behind the goal.

From the same corner, over to the main stand.

And also over the entire pitch.

Now directly behind the goal. (In case you haven't worked that out yourself!)

The main stand once more.

Before we turn round to the one behind us.

A local beer advertised.

And here we are, tour finished, back in the corner where we started.