Sunday 27 March 2011

AFC Hayes

AFC Hayes play in the Zamaretto League Division One Central. I took these photos on a non-matchday, & they are ll from outside the ground, as I couldn't find a way to gain access. My only visit here for a match was a few years ago, for a Dulwich Hamlet Reserve Team match.

This is their club sign by the main road, as you come into the car park.

On the other side of it is another one, with their old club name.

The Brook House name was taken from the local pub, a few hundred yards away.

This is the boozer here.

This sign was on the beer garden fence, supporting a local campaign.

Between the ground & the pub is the local rugby club.

Here we are at the AFC Hayes car park. The bar area is in this shot.

Behind it is a more recent structure, housing a youth centr run by the local council.

Beyond that is the ground itself, past these gates.

Here are the turnstiles. The recent green steel fence is all the way around the ground, & there was no broken parts to get through, hence all of my pictures being from outside the place.

Down one side are the changing rooms, with the stand beyond it.

From behind the goal we see the covered step of terrace, with the changing rooms to the right. Then a small covered bit, with a portacabin in front, then the seats past that.

Looking down the same side, across the pitch from behind the goal.

Here we see down the pitch, open at the far end, dugouts to the left.

This is the terrace under the cover at the turnstile end. Past the goal there is a small covered area along the far side.

The pitch, from right behind the net.

The changing rooms, on the right.

A covered area, with a toilet block in front. What you'd call a really crap view, I suppose!

Further along that side is the main stand.

This is the cover behind the goal, where we have been snapping from.

Still behind the goal we see the cover you can stand under!

Small but adequate enough, I suppose.

Time to continue to step carefully through the undergrowth outside the perimeter.

Here we look down the side of the ground with the dugouts, mostly open, with simple hard standing, apart from the cover we see here again.

From the side we look along the area behind the goal, with the main covered terrace.

This is the best picture of it.

A bit of a wonky corner flag shot.

And another one, trying to include the cover behind the goal.

Behind the dugout is a disused second pitch.

Moving along the side we see behind the goal once more.

From behind one of the dugouts we see over to the main stand side.

A better picture of it here.

Some of the open hard standing on this side of the ground.

It continues toward the open end, behind the other goal.

This sign is on the outer fence, I'm not convinced!

Now behind the goal we see along the dugout side from the bottom part of the ground.

We will soon be behind this end.

Here we are, glancing up the pitch.

Outside the ground it is still a case of tread carefully.

The main stand side, now to our left.

With the dugouts to the right.

Zooming in on them.

On the last side it is open hard standing to the stand.

This is behind the goal at the open end, from the corner.

Over the pitch from the same spot.

And down the side, looking into the setting sun.

A last look back behind the open end, this is the last snap, as the back of the stand & changing rooms meant I couldn't get any more angles into the ground to take photos from.



good post, there was a speedway team at brook house

Rabbler said...

Eh? Are you sure? What were they call then? nothing by googling Brook House speedway.

gee said...

no its something else house,
more directions

Anonymous said...

I believe the cycle speedway team was called Hayes Broadsiders.
I thought AFC HAYES began as a pub team called the BROOK House FC.