Thursday 19 November 2009

FC Vysocina Jihlava; Jihlava, Czech Republic

I saw at match here on Friday 23rd October, when FC Vysocina Jihlava came from a goal behind to win 5-1 in a Czech Second Division match.

This is a poster from one of the many billboarda around the town.

As I approached the ground, well over an hour before kick off, as I wanted some daylight photos of it, I came to this entrance, which appeared to be the away end. A bit further along a gate was open so I walked in before the turnstiles were open...

I ended up here, the building running along one side of the pitch, which is to the left, the other side of the fence. The building ahead is the club restaurant. Beyond that you can see the roof of the higher up, but small, VIP stand.

I walked along & just strolled onto the touchline area by the pitch! Here we are looking toward the new stand, which was the main home end, and where I was sat during the match.

Here we look over the older, narrower, stand, running the length of the far side.

Back to the away end, not the best angle, presuambly the whole ground was onced curved, with a track all the way round?

Closer to the away section here, you see some open seating and terracing on the curve, past it.

From the away end we see the VIP stand properly. There are club offices, & presumably a hospitality area below it.

One of the pylons. I like the distinct way they curve.

Down at pitch level we look across to the old stand, with the club name on the roof.

From the pitch side again, we look at the new stand.

One of the dugouts, with pylon in shot.

Looking upwards to the VIP stand.

Here is a shot of the somewhat bleak looking club restaurant.

This is the entrance to it.

Towards the near corner of the new stand, with hospitaliy suites built into the red corners. At the end of the low building is the changing rooms.

After taking those photos I left the ground, so I could pay my admission & get a programme! This is the entrance I used.

From outside the gates I took this pciture of the new stand & pylon.

And here is the ticket booth where I paid to get in.

Outside the ground this is the VIP stand and offices from the other side, away from the pitch.

Before the gates opened (officially!) I walked round outside, behind the new stand end, and had a look at the full size training pitch, where this gate was open, from the road.

There is a grassed area standing above it, from where I took this picture.

Dugouts, and nothing else, down the side.

This is the area above the goal.

Now we're back round to the turnstiles which are now open, and there is this fire engine just inside. These are fairly common at foreign games, as the firefirghters put out flares from the corwd, though there weren't any flares lighting up the sky tonight.

This is one of the ways into the new stand, from behind.

Underneath are the refreshment stalls & club shop.

Up in the stand we see the dressing room & VIP stand side.

And look over to the old stand.

This is the impressive new stand.

From the other corner of it we look down the old stand. Note the banner on the left that says 'Highland fans' in English, which appeared to be the name of their little band of Czech 'Ultras'. I wondered what the story was behind that tag? Maybe a Scottish connection? Nothing of the sort. The Vysocina region is known as the Highlands region. Simple as that.

To the right of that is this huge flag.

A full view of the small stand side again.

Here we look down the new stand, from the other end.

This is the view from the back row.

Looking down to the old stand once more.

Walking behind the new stand we look down on the second pitch.

Here we look down on the grass bank, from where I took the earleir snaps of it.

Back in the new stand we look across the pitch.

And glance right to the old stand yet again.

Ditto, eyes to the left!

Now i'm almost pitchside, taking htis snap through some railings.

From the same spot, to our left we see the players' tunnel area.

Now we're round the other side of the ground, and here is the away section.

Looking the other way we see inside the old stand.

This is the area behind it, with the 'back to front' lettering visible on top of the roof.

I ask a steward if I can go in the stand to take a snap across the pitch. No problem.

From these seats we look over to the new stand.

And the other way we see the announcers box, and press area.

Behind this old stand is a beer stand. Shame I can't touch the stuff as a recovering alcoholic! :-(

Moving back round to my place in the new stand this sign is on the side. Presumably it has been part-funded by European money. At least not all of our taxes are going to waste!

Almost kick off, as the players come out onto the pitch.

The game is about to start.

The small group in the right hand corner of the old stand are the nosiy 'Highland' lot.

A bit of goalmouth acion, late in the second half.

We finish our tour, with some of headgehoggy mascot kindly posing for me!