Tuesday 17 November 2009

FC Vysocina Jihlava-Stadion na Soupach; Jihlava, Czech Republic

This ground appears to be the training ground of Czech Second Division side FC Vysocina Jihlava.

I was told that it was the home of another club side, at least that was my assumption, the name being TJ Modeta. but there was nothing at al mentioning them. It was a basic set up, of two pitches, one grass, one all-weather. But I think that they may in fact be a forerunner/former club that became part of the current one at some stage.

This is not the way I got into the ground, there is another entrance down an access road round the other side. (Sort of to the right, as we look at this. Turn left, then left again)

This was on the gate above, I have no idea what it means. Probably 'groundhoppers keep out!' ;-)

This is the road where the main entrance is, with this restaurant with a football sign on it being on the corner.

As we entered this grass pitch, with track, was to the left. I didn't venture over to the far side, presumably that building is some sort of sportshall. Note the club crest on the side of the tractor.

This pitch has a grass bank for spectators down one side.

Behind the near goal is another bank, but I wouldn't have thought anyone would stay here for viewing anything.

Atop the grass bank along the side are some benches to sit on.

From up here we look over to the sportshall type building.

Moving along to the end of the main grass banking we see hoe it curves round behind the far goal.

From up here we look back and see the all-weather pitch, & the club building, where the changing rooms and a small bar are. We entered this ground to the right, just in front of the building, as we are looking at it here.

This is the only proper viewing area alongside the all-weather pitches. Just a bit of hard standing, a path up to the top of the banking, and some benches at the bottom.

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SundanceKid said...

Very sweet memories... This is the ground I watched my first matches at: FC Spartak PSJ Jihlava vs. CSK Uhersky Brod (0:2) on June 2nd 1996 and FC Spartak PSJ Jihlava vs. FC BOBY Brno B (1:0) three days later.

Back then, it was not renovated and the all-whether-pitch did not exist, of course. There were quite impressive terraces instead of the grass banks... It had definiteliy more character before the renovation, which took place some years ago.

Btw, Modeta (established as SK Jihlava in 1910) merged with Spartak in 1995.