Sunday 6 September 2009

Partick Thistle; Glasgow, Scotland

Partick Thistle is another ground I managed to have look round on my trip to Glasgow in June 2009. They currently play in the First Division of the Scottish League.

It wasn't possible to gain access to the ground, but I had emailed them in advance, so I rang the bell to the club offices as advised and was shown inside. It's a three sided ground, with no current plans for redevelopment on the fourth side, but it's still a cracking ground, with its mix of old and new stands.

Here is one set of turnstiles, on the road that runs by the main stand, which is to the right.

This is the side of the main stand, and as you can see Firhill is also home to the Glasgow Warriors rugby union club.

Here is the exterior of the main stand, not quite as glamourous, but it reminds me of Highbury, or Ibrox.

This is another view of it, looking back from further down the street.

And here is the centre bit, above the main entrance.

Once inside I was given permission to walk round the perimeter of the pitch. This is the main stand, which we have just looked at outside.

Here we look up to what I presume is the directors/executive area.
I bet the grub from the bakers is tasty too!

This was a strange bit of terraced area in front, with a garden bench!

These are the dugouts.

Here we look back down the main stand.

This is our first look at the newer stand behind the goal.

With another shot along it, from the front.

From behind the goal we look back at the old stand.

And then head round to the other modern stand, opposite it, down the far side.

Here we look up into the multi coloured seats.

And from this side look directly across the halfway line to the old stand.

The other end has no spectating area. just a sterile grass bank.

This advertising hoarding caught my eye, which shows what a historic stadium this is.

From this corner we see the contrast of two of the stands.

Another glance over to the old stand.

From behind the open end we look over to the other goal. I am resuming that that end was once old terracing, and that the development of those flats behind helped pay for the redevelopment of Firhill.

A shot of the new side down the touchline, opposite the old stand, from behind the open end.

So that was the tour complete, or so I thought. I was asked if I wanted to see the changing rooms. Yes please!

And the shower area.

This is the 'boot room'!

I wasn't shown in here though, such is my poor knowledge of Scottish football I had no idea who he is.

I was allowed to stick my head in here though.

Still spacious, compared to the non-league ones I've seen!

And after passing this room it was time for me to be on way!

A big thank you to Partick Thistle Football Club for kindly allowing me to see their ground, and the woman from the office for showing me round. One day, in a year or two, I shall return here to watch a game, and will certainly spend a few quid extra in the club shop, by way of gratitude!