Sunday 19 July 2009


I visited Stenhousemuir in June 2009, a strange ground. Now with a modern all-weather pitch it has clearly been 're-developed' or demolished would be a beeter description. Now a 'two sided' ground, open on two sides, where presumably stands or terraces used to be. Despite natural sadness at not having ever seen the old structures it was a delight to see this ground. The Scottish stadiums I am seeing on my weekend up there have given me a 'taste' for grounds north of the border. In a few years time, when I hope to have more 'loose change' having cleared more of my long-term debts, I am very tempted to have a few weekends up in Scotland.

This is the main turnstile block. Without having been inside yet I already like this ground!

Walking along you see the back of the main stand.

The 'famous' Norway Stand. Sponsored by their Norwegian Supporters' Club!

With another sign behind it.

I entered the ground through some open gates just past the stand. We're going to walk round it anti-clockwise, away from the stand, so saving the main bit til last.

It is open behind the goal, as you can see, with some all-weather pitches behind the goal too.

Behind the goal it's simple hard standing, with the 'road' marked, that leads to the car park.

From behind the goal we look over to the stand. Small bt smart. Note the small goals on the touchline, clearly underlined the economic sense of small clubs having all-weather surfaces, to maximise fundraising potential.

Completely exposed on the open car park side too. We get our first sight of the covered terracing at the far end.

I wasn't joking about it being the car park side!

A nice shot of the stand from across the halfway line.

Functional but soulless! I'n not too impressed by the dugouts, but at least they're not covered in graffiti.

I don't know what this old building is in the corner. It seems like all the old stuff was dumped here.

The police box. Presumably for when they have big cup ties, or from when Falkirk groundshared here while their new stadium was completed.

These old dugouts look fine to me.

From this corner we look at the covered terrace. Impressive for a small club.

From behind the goal we look over to the stand.

Then it's up to the back of the steps, to get a shot across the end.

Another view of the stand, this time from the back of the terracing.

Presumably this is the 'Robert Laidlaw' End.

These steep steps at the end are railed off. Presumably too dangerous for crowds nowadays. Crazy!

From this corner we look down the stand side, there doesn't appear to be any access to the seats from the terrace.

Before we jump over the pitch perimeter to get to the stand we can look back & see the inside of the turnstiles which we saw when we first arrived.

Over the wall we go, and another look at the stand.

Before we go into it we see the club shop.

And, looking back, presumably the tea bar.

Here we're at the bottom of the stand.

Looking up to the 'executive area', or whatever's behind the glass, I get a lucky reflection of the floodlight pylons.

The 'posh seats' for the directors.

And tucked away at the back in the far corner is the press box.

From this end we look back down the stand.

This section perfect for corporate packages.

From up in the seats we look back to the covered end.

But not such a great view looking across the pitch!

And behind the goal, with the Ochil Hills in the background. At least that's what I think they are, given the ground name.

Back down on the touchline we glance back again to the terracing.

This is the tunnel in the middle. I walked down here to find the offices where I could buy some souvenirs. I bought a mug for my friend Tony Mullins, a Gillingham fan who has actually seen a game here, & who has nagged me to publish these snaps ever since I got back over a month ago!

This picture was on the wall in the corridor. I'm guessing this was how the ground used to look like.

And after I'd done my shopping it was time to go, as I had a game to get to at Auchinleck Talbot!
(Those photos coming here soon...ish!)
I snapped this club vehicle as I left.