Wednesday 20 October 2010

There will be a slight delay....

in further updates.

I am on holiday to the Czech Republic from Friday 22nd to Thursday 28th October. I am planning to go to eight football matches; two ice hockey games & one of basketball!
So plenty of sets of venues to come from there.

On Saturday 30th I have a long trip to watch Dulwich Hamlet, in the FA Trophy, away to Bideford, down in Devon.

So there won't be any updates on here until Sunday 31st October.

In the meantime feel free to delve into the archives down the right hand side, if you wish.

Many thanks for looking in on here.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Enfield Town / Enfield 1893

When I visited this ground last season for a Brimsdown Rovers FA Cup tie on a Friday night I didn't expect them to be 'swallowed up' by the 'original' Enfield, now called Enfield 1893, currently in the Essex Senior League. So they finally get to return to the borough that bears their name. Meanwhile Enfield Town, the original 'new' supporter led fan club, are not here for much longer, with plans well advanced to move back to the Southbury Road area, where the old club were located, to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Donkey Lane. They are members of the Ryman League Division One North.

This is the entrance to the ground.

Outside is the Brimsdown social club, with outside patio area. You can see the turnstiles beyond them, on the right.

Here we are through them, inside the ground.

As you can see they are set a little bit back from the ground. The changing rooms are to the right of this snap.

The home kit is hanging up inside.

Well we are close to Essex! ;-)

Looking ahead we see the pitch, with the cover behind the goal in view.

As we get to the corner of the pitch we can also spot the dugouts & another small bit of over on the far side.

To our right, down the near side, there is a stand on the halfway line.

But we are going to head round the ground in the other direction. Clockwise, through the players' tunnel.

Here we look into the tunnel, the changing rooms being to the left.

Behind the goal it's open, with hard standing all the way along, the covered metal terrace being set a bit of a way back from the pitch perimeter fence.

Here is a close up of the cover.

From behind the goal we look over to the other covered terrace, & the dugouts.

With the seats on the other side.

On the other side of the goal we're moving closer to the far side.

The hard standing continues up to the corner.

From where we look back at the covered end.

At the corner we look across the pitch.

Before starting to make our way along the next side of the ground.

From there we look back behind the goal.

And then move on to the oldest bit of cover in the ground. On my first visit here, a good few years ago, I can't remember when, this was the only bit of protection from the elements in the entire place.

From here we look across the pitch to the seats.

Before we carry on along the hard standing, & past the dugouts.

A bit ramshackle from the top!

Looking back at the halfway shed.

And then toward the open end.

More flat, open hard standing & grass here.

From by this post we look over to the main stand.

Now at the next corner, looking over the pitch once more.

Glancing back behind the goal, before we move on.

The same hard standing all the way along this last side, up to & past the grandstand.

Here we are. A modern stand, in Enfield Town colours, which I understand they will take with them to Donkey Lane.

Plenty of them reserved for season ticket holders.

From the front we look over to the covered end, as the final touches are made to the pitch.

Like many, this fan walked away from the old Enfield, to form their own fans' club, back in their own borough.

Some seats are reserved for the press.

And club officials.

This is the view of the seats from the other side.

Beyond this is the hard standing, up to the corner where we came in.

A last look behind the goal.

Time to settle down for the match.

Well ok, one more look behind the goal, after the weather turned.

Most of the crowd opt for the main stand, after the heavy pre-match downpour.

Kick off signals the end of our tour.