Saturday 29 August 2009

HC Kobra Praha

HC Kobra Praha played at the third level of Czech ice hockey when I saw them play in October 2007. Last year they appeared to be second division, but I think their rink is now being re-furbished, though I can't understand Czech on their website. It's possible they may not be playing this season.

This is the entrance to the rink.

Here is a sign on the side of the bulding.

And to the right of the entrance is a gym & the bar.

Here is a view of the rink from up on the grass bank outside.

this van was parked outside, I took it to make a note of the shop, though I've not visited it yet. maybe on my next trip this coming October...hopefully they will sell hockey souvenirs.

Here we are inside the rink.

It is very basic, spectator wise.

This angle is up a rickety flight of steps, up to some offices in the corner.

Behind the goal is a couple of basic steps of terracing.

Down the far side are some wooden steps, that don't look that safe, but they were ok to stand on!

This is down the other side, where we came in. The steps up ahead are from where I took the earlier snap.

This banner was from the small pocket of away fans.

The scoreboard shows the final score, a victory to Kobra.

A last look across the ice after the final whistle.

Friday 28 August 2009


I've always liked going to Leatherhead. It's a reasonable ground, with most of the facilities down one side.

These photos are from my visit there last season, on Easter Monday.

Like the Hamlet, we are both a pale shadow of more illustrious times in our past, and while I don't think either clubs like 'languishing' in Division One South of the Isthmian League, we can both take comfort in the fact that we try to live withing our means, & are surviving.

This is the sign to rhe ground, & adjacent leisure centre, from the main road.

Here is the match poster.

These are the turnstiles, from inside the ground.

As we enter we are in one of the corners.

We're going to stroll round Fetcham Grove clockwise. Here we see the covered terrace behind the goal.

Good modern cover, and subtantial enough steps.

Home graffiti, as we look across the pitch.

From here we look to our right, and the main side of the ground.

Along the opposite touchline it is open, with the dugouts in the centre.

Basic hard standing, and slight grass banking.

From this corner we also look back to the covered end.

And again, from the side, with some of the covered terrace opposite in shot.

Here we continue along the open side, towards the far end.

From behind the dugouts, in the centre, we look across to the main stand.

Continuing along we can see the far end, not covered.

Before we go there we look back down the open side, with a Hamlet fan 'playing up' to my camera!

Now wer'e going behind the goal, open as we saw, but with a couple of steps of terrace behind the goal.

From this corner we look over to the main stand, on the far side.

Here is the terracing behind this goal.

Another look over to the dugouts, with the pylons in full shot.

A little bit of action, with the stand as a backdrop.

Behind the goal is this 'emergency exit', which is in use a lot, as the ball get kicked over the low fences.

Here is the Leatherhead keeper, who at one stage jumped over to try to retrieve the ball himself!

From the next corner we glance back to the open terrace at this end.

As we turn the corner we see an area of covered terrace.

Despite it's ramshackle look, i do like this side of the ground. It has 'character'!

From here we look back behind the goal again.

And as we move along we reach the seated area, with the 'patio' behind the bar immediately tucked at the back!

The seating continues as we move along.

It is a bit strange, in that it's divided up into little sections.

It's almost like lots of little stands, roofed over to make one!

From the centre we look across to the dugouts, as the second half is about to start.

The 'posh bit' for officials!

We're finally at the end of the seated area,press box at the back.

Before we move on, time to look back down the seats.

A couple of loyal Hamlet fans, Tony & Richard, pose for the camera!

This is the area behind the stand, various buildings, with the bar at the far end.

The tea bar, also behind this covered side, is busy at half time.

Now wer'e back 'ground side', for the final stretch, which is more covered terracing.

From this terracing we look over to the more recent covered terrace, behind the end where we started our tour.

Here we view it from a side angle.

We finish by looking back down the side, with the terracing prominent.

One last picture, of another poster displayed outside... cheekily covered over by local Kingstonian fans! ;-)