Monday 24 August 2009

West of Scotland C.C.; Glasgow, Scotland

I feature this cricket ground for history purposes only. For the West of Scotland Cricket Club grounds was the actual venue for the very first Scotland versus England international way back on the 30th November 1872, a 0-0 draw, in front of 4,000 spectators.

I was surprised not been able to spot any sort of plaque commemorating this historic occasion. I took the opportunity to take photos of this venue when I was in Glasgow in June 2009.

The entrance to the ground.

The view across the pitch as you walk in.

This is the boundary, to our right.

To the left is the pavilion, with seating outside. we are going to continue around the boundary in this direction.

We we look back from the benches at the front of the pavilion.

The seats are very higgledy-piggledy, to say the least!

Some slight grass banking past this.

You can almost imagine snoozing away on one of those benches on a hot summers day, with a good book in one hand, the cricket an incidental backdrop!

It's a nice little set up, with plenty of benches.

The scoreboard, couldn't snap a cricket ground without a photo of that!

Now we're looking down the far boundary, just a lone bench here.

From the bottom corner we look over to the pavilion.

On the last side is just the wall of neighbouring properties, & the boundary rope.

though there is this old, weather beaten bench in the corner.

And here back on the side where we entered the ground, up by the pavilion.


Anonymous said...

This was the venue for the first International Association Football Match - Scotland versus England! The flats at the bottom end lie, largely, over what was the area that was then part of the cricket ground, the area used for the game.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing venue. I can just imagine it packed to the rafters with spectators. There can't be many cricket grounds in a country like Scotland and this is as good as any club ground I've seen across the world. Hopefully one day I'll be able to come and see if the quality of the cricket in Scotland matches the high standard of the ground!!