Friday 10 June 2011

Dagenham & Redbridge

Dagenham & Redbridge are former Isthmian League opponents of Dulwich Hamlet, next season they will be competing in the NPower League Two, which is the Fourth Division of the Football League in old money. Much of the ground remains the same, from when I first went there in the seventies, & have been back there many times since. I hadn't been there since the 1999/2000 season though, & I took these pictures when I walked into the ground through an open gate back on Sunday 26th December, last season. They were supposed to be at home to Brighton & Hove Albion, & the match was reported still on, on the radio & websites, when I left home. But it was called off inbetween leaving home & getting across London, by several buses, as there was no Underground service on Boxing Day. Oh well, I got the snaps, & saved the admission money! Not that that's what went through my head at the time! ;-)

The nearest tube station is Dagenham East. An 'expression' I use when people are completely mental... "He's Dagenham East' "Eh?" "A few stops past Barking!"

Easy to find anyway, but just in case, follow the signs.

This is Victoria Road, off the main one, with the ground at the end.

Through the entrance & you're in the car park. Ground to the right, clubhouse straight ahead.

As you come into the car park the home turnstiles on the right.

The local council have a naming rights sponsorship of the ground.

There is also a ticket office in the car park.

This sign is on the back of the stand. Presumably for outside only!

The clubhouse. Back in their Isthmian days they had one of the most professional social set-ups around, when they were plain old 'Dagenham FC', before the amalgamation/takeover of Redbridge Forest FC.

Although the game was off this gate was open, as the Daggers were having a brief training session on a part of the pitch.

So I walked along here, behind the main stand, to have a look.

For the basis of this tour we shall go round the ground clockwise, from where I gained access. This is part of the main stand, known as the Carling Stand, to the right. The Coca Cola sign in the club colours.

The pitch still has its protective covering on, a good attempt, but not enough, unfortunately.

Here we see over the pitch, to the covered terrace side.

To the left, behind the goal is the new stand, sponsored name the Marcus James Stand; which is the away end.

But before we get there we are at another small stand, the family stand, which is sponsored by Barking & Dagenham College.

From up in it we look back to the main stand, across the 'gap' where we came in.

One of the modern day sanitised football regulations signs, telling you how to behave.

Moving along the small family stand, we look back along it.

Here we see it from the front, with a disabled area below it, at pitch level.

In front of it we look over to the covered terrace.

Zooming in a little, on the club name on the roof, & television gantry above.

Moving on we're on our way to the away end.

From this corner we see over the covered pitch.

Behind us is the visitors turnstile block.

This is how it looks like from outside.

The floodlight pylons carry advertsing from the local paper.

From the corner of the stand we look up into it.

Up at the back we turn right, clearly seeing down to the main stand, with the smaller family one to the right.

A closer look at the family stand.

Directly down the pitch.

Another glance down the right.

Before it's eyes to the left, & the covered terrace.

Now we're down at the front, at the next corner.

Back up the steps, to see the covered side from here.

And over the pitch, from this part of the stand.

Time to see the covered terrace.

From the side we look into the sun, and the away end.

Now we're directly opposite the family stand.

A local council hoarding on this floodlight pylon.

From the corner of this terrace, segregation fencing in shot, we see the away end again.

Down the length of the covered terrace.

Ground regulations at the back.

Moving along we're still under the cover, the players are training at the other end, where you can see they have pulled back the protective covers.

Now we see over to the main stand.

In the middle of the terrace, at the back, is what looks like a refeshment hatch.

Past that we are getting closer to the training session.

Nearly at the end of this side now, we turn round to see under the side from here.

The cover doesn't quite stretch to the corner, there is some open terracing past it.

Behind the goal there is an open terrace.

from the corner we see the players training.

Behind the goal there is an emergecy exit, a break in the perimeter wall.

Past the gap the terrace continues all the way along.

From behind the net we look over the pitch.

Before heading to the last corner.

But not before peeking back at the workout.

At the back of this open end is an electronic scoreboard.

In the corner is a Supporters Club office & shop.

Glancing back along the open end.

From this end of the terrace we turn toward the main stand.

On the side of the Supporters Club premises is this plaque, in memory of a club stalwart Joyce Critcher.

A poster with their admission prices for 2010/11.

Here are the home turnstiles, which we saw at the beginning, as we came into the car park.

This 'brick' wall is also in this corner.

A last view behind the goal.

And the final 'corner flag' picture.

We are now below the main stand.

I am guessing these chair are for carers, looking after wheelchair bound fans?

Up in the seats we look along the stand.

From up here we look over the pitch, training session still going on.

Another council hoarding at the back.

Moving on there is a some sort of glass fronted (executive?) area.

Rows of seats in front of it, with the dugouts below, Carling on the roofing of them.

At the front we see across the pitch from here.

One of the dugouts.

Now we look toward the away end again, pylons either side in this photo.

Opposite is the covered terrace.

Back up in the seats, almost above the next dugout.

Turning back to see the area of stand we've already covered.

Back in front of the next dugout, the away one.

Which is by the players' tunnel. Note the sign next to it...

Not sure if visiting managers would alaways do what is suggested!

Up in the stand once more, almost at the end of it.

There is a press area at the rear.

And finally, we look over to the family stand, where we began.