Thursday 15 March 2012


Roffey was the first part of a Christmas Eve 2011 Sussex County League 'double'; only made possible thanks to a lift sorted out by Laurence, from the 'ordinary' wing of the ground hopping ftaternity, to the next game! This was a Division Three match, with an 11.00am kick off, and such was the shortage of fotoball that there were groundhoppers from all over the country in attendance! The great, the good, and-to be frank-the plain weird! ;-)
Mention must go to the people at Roffey FC, who did several print runs throughout the game, printing extra programmes, so everybody got a copy. the venue was a basic railed off one, as you might usually expect at Step Seven if the pyramid.

The ground is at the end of a road, where the car park & club house are.

The bar is homely, & full of club memorabilia.

Lots of photos & stuff on the walls.

The bar itself.

Memorial plaque on the wall.

Outside, by the bar is the players entrance to their changing rooms.

This is the path that leads up to the pitch for the participants, but we won't be going in that way.

We go back through the car park, to another corner of the ground, where this gate is.

An out of dates fixtures poster is pinned to it.

Here is the ground, as I mentioned. basic, railed off.

Looking over the pitch from this corner, dugouts on the far side.

The side to our right.

But we are heading clockwise round, behind this goal, the ground hemmed in by trees all the way round, but not actually fully enclosed.

Moving along, toward the goal.

The rail goes back behind the net.

From behind the penalty area we turn back to the railed off side we saw as we came in.

The other side of the net we turn toward the dugouts.

Past the goal at this end there is a refreshment hut doing a good trade, toward the corner.

The players 'tunnel', from in the ground.

The tea bar in the corner.

Not long after the team line-ups board was leant against it.

For some getting all the players names is VERY important!

The dugout touchline is filling up.

A 'boundary' appears to mark the edge of the ground!

At the next corner, the 'grill' on the right protecting the tea bar, from wayward footballs.

Turning back, from the side, looking behind the goal.

Crowds along the rail, on the dugout side.

There's more than one man with this dog at the game today...and as you shall see, more than one dog in the crowd.

Walking along the side, dugouts ahead.

Almost reached them.

Looking back, to the car park goal.

Almost at the dugouts, caged in for some reason?

Another 'one man & his dog!'

Moving around the dugouts.

The halfway line between them.

More of the open rail beyond.

Not so many people watching at this end.

The rail stops at the end. No standing behind the far goal.

Glancing back along the dugout side.

Yet another pooch! Bored at home on Christmas Eve? Football down the end of the road? "I'll just take the dog out for a walk, love!" ;-)

End of the rail.

Next corner flag shot.

Touchline behind the goal.

The dugout side, from the wooded end.

And the other open side, behind the goal.

Right behind the net.

And then on to the next corner, where the rail begins again.

Down the last touchline.

Start of the rail.

Down this side, and over the pitch.

Moving along, the crowd gets closer to us.

Plenty of groundhoppers here.

Over the halfway line, to the dugouts.

Here we zoom in on them.

Back to a shot over the halfway line, from this side.

On the last leg now, toward where we started our circuit.

The car park end now in view.

Bit of a panic, as a new batch of programmes go on sale!

Almost done...

That's our circuit done!

Now for the match, as the players get ready to leave the changing rooms.