Thursday 24 May 2012

Holstein Kiel; Germany

Holstein Kiel are from the north of Germany, and play in the Regionalliga Nord, which is the fourth tier, in German football. I saw a game here in 2005, but did have photos to publish from then. In November 2010 I visited Hamburg for a few days, & as there was no football on the Monday of my trip, I visited Kiel for the day. Two reasons, firstly, to try to take pictures of the ground; but secondly, there is a large cemetery near the stsdium. I walked through it on my previous stip, and noted that there was a Commonwealth War Graves plot, but what I didn't know back then that one of the British airmen buried there was a Dulwich Hamlet player, who died in the Second World War. So I wanted to go there and pay my respects, too.

Before we see the ground here is the last resting place of REG ANDERSON, who was an amateur international. Remembered as a great player by our oldest fans, who just remember him.

Walking through the town, earlier in the day, I saw this Kiel team bus.

Here we approach the ground, it has a big car park in front of it.

There is a bar & restaurant type facilities.

Also in the car park is their Club War Memorial.

Another shot of the exterior, of the main stand. To the left, at the bottom of it, is the club shop. Past that are the turnstiles to the home end, which is where we are heading, as I try to find a way inside. I had to go all of the way round before I did. At one stage knee deep in snow, and I slipped on a little bank. To my horror my camera had slipped off of my wrist! Thankfully the strap had hooked itself onto the branch of a bush, or all of my photos would have been lost in the snow! To the RIGHT of this snap, just round the corner of the stand, was an open gate...I went the wrong way round...

Here is the shop & ticket office, in the corner.

Inside the club shop.

A fixture list on the wall.

And a match poster.

Also a plan of the ground.

Past that are the turnstiles I mentioned, now for the hike round the perimeter, that I also told you about.

Having almost done a full circuit, the main stand which we saw outside, is to our left, I got to thse gates, at the away end, and thought this was going to be all I got to see.

This is taken through the gates.

Then a few yards along...and, YES, I'm in!
This is in the corner of the main side, the open, curved away end to our right.

A few steps back and we get a better shot of the away section.

Looking across the under snow penalty area, we see the cover opposite, and also how far back the away fans are.

Over the pitch we see the seats on the far side, in the centre, the wings under cover being terracing.

Back on our side there are some open steps of terrace, in front of a beer/refreshment area, leading up to the main stand.

The main stand is set back, up the steps, with open plastic bucket backed seating at the front.

The front section.

Moving up into the main stand we look doen, dugouts in view at the front. Covered home terrace behind the goal, on the left.

Across the pitch, to the other stand.

At the back of the main stand now, over to the home end.

Then turning right, to the open away section.

From the back, across the pitch again.

Tannoy box, I presume, at the back.

I am guessing this would be over the halfway line.

Turning left, time to move on, to see how far we can get round.

Looking up, from below, into the upper section.

At the end of the seating, there is an open section of seats as well, and from here we see the home terrace, behind the goal. Past these seats there is a section of open terrace along this side.

Which we see here, from the corner.

The home terrace, from the side.

Managing to get round behind the goal, we see the main side of the ground, already covered.

Here we are, under the covered terrace, from the corner of it.

Moving along, we look up the pitch, from behind the high mesh netting.

Another look of the main side, but through the mesh.

Now looking, leftward, along the far side.

Moving behind the terrace, there are some old fan stickers on the signs.

Here is another one of them.

At the far corner now, we turn back along the terrace.

Through the fence I take a 'corner flag' shot.

On the terrace along the side now, that leads up to seating in the centre.

From here we get another picture of the home end.

And then across the pitch, to the main stand.

Continuing along the side covered terrace.

We have now reached the seating, in the middle.

Directly opposite the main stand.

And back along the seats, from the end of them.

The terracing continues past them.

We have now reached the away curve. Sadly I could not gain access to this area.

A wider angle of the away end.

And another peek at the main stand, from this corner.

I then retraced my steps, and took more photos of the main side, going onto the pitch, I left these til last, in case somebody spotted me & kicked me out...which they never! Just my paranoia... ;-)

The dugouts, at the front.

Directly into the players' tunnel.

Turning to the home end.

The seats over the other side.

And, right, to the away end.

My last photograph of this ground being directly in front of the main stand, a good one to finish our very cold tour of Holstein Kiel.