Friday 30 April 2010

Harlow Town

Harlow Town have just finished bottom of the Ryman League Division One North, which is a shame as on my visit there earlier this season their loyal fans deserve more. Despite being rock bottom they were full of passion, & really got behind their side.

The ground is called Barrows Farm, & they moved there in October 2006. For a new ground it's not perfect, but more than adequate, with a nice main stand, & a decent covered terrace opposite, as you will soon see. Certainly a vast improvement on their former Sportscentre home, which was a very rundown athletics track venue.

A smart sign outside the stadium, with the club sponsors prominent on it.

The ground is also signposted from the main road, it's an easy half hour walk from Harlow Town train station.

The ground is above the main road, the entrance up this access road.

Just outside it is this fading sign, & one below from the Spurs Legends team.

There is also the standard Ryman League sign.

Walking round to the entrance we pass this unusual sponsorship opportunity with the rubbish disposal company.

As we head along the access road we can see the top of the stand, & other club buildings over the top of the perimeter fence.

Round the side now, we see the terrace on the far side, the road we walked up from the main road is directly behind that.

Here we see the main entrance, which is the back of the main stand, from the car park.

Turning round we head into the ground through these turnstiles in the corner.

Walking in we look directly acorss the pitch, to the covered terrace.

To our right is the club bar, & stand beyond, which includes the changing rooms as well.

And to our left is an empty club shop, with the team line ups helpfully pinned onto it.

We're going to walk round clockwise. Behind the goal is open hardstanding. It's a shame there is no terracing here, or cover, but there's plenty of space to build this at a later date.

From the corner we look down the touchline toward the stand.

Moving along we see the main stand, seats smartly in club colours.

From behind the post we glance left, to the covered terrace.

From the next corner we look down the touchline, toward the terrace.

A corner flag shot, over to the main stand, directly into the sun.

The open area behind the goal, before we continue round the ground.

More open hard standing, up to the covered enclosure.

This area has a 'support barrier', which looks a bit strange as there's no steps of terrace behind it.

From this side we look back behind the goal.

And here we are now at the front of an excellent new modern terrace.

At the front of the terrace are the dugouts, even these are sponsored.

From inbetween the home & away dugouts we look directly over the pitch, to the main stand.

Standing at the back of the terrace we turn to the area we've already covered on out Barrows Farm circuit.

Further ahead is more open hard standing, to the next corner.

From up here we can see the other end is also very open.

Down at the front we see the dugout, with the terrace behind.

Here we look back along the covered standing spot.

This is the same as the other side of the terrace, including the support barriers, with tarmac behind.

Here we see the wide hard standing behind the goal.

Before we walk on it's time for another corner flag shot, toward the main stand.

Another post picture, with the terrace beyond.

Through the net, main stand seen through it.

A similar shot, to the left of the netting.

As we've seen, the hard standing continues to the corner.

Down the last side now, more open hard standing, leading to the stand; with another barrier behind the pitch barriers.

Our next corner flag snap, this time with the terrace as the backdrop.

Set back in this corner is a toilet block, & more turnstiles, not in use.

Down the side one home fan awaits kick off, with a splendidly old fashioned scarf.

We've now reached the seating area.

Some at the back reserved for directors.

These ones are for the visiting officials.

From the back, almost in the centre, we look over the halfway line.

At the back is this table area, for the press.

Glancing right, to one open end.

Straight ahead, directly over the centre circle.

And to the left, the first open end.

Past the press area, we see the rest of the stand.

And from the end, at the top, we see down to the remainder of the stadium. Bar & tea bar on the left, down below.

Before we're down there, we glance back across the seats.

Pitchside now, we see down the players' tunnel.

Here we see up into the stand, from the bottom corner.

Immediately past this, on the right, is a door that leads into this bar.

Further along is the tea bar.

And just by this, out in the open, are these pub garden style benches.

That concluded our tour of Barrows Farm, so it was time to head up to the main stand, just as the players' came on for the start.

Directly opposite were the noisy, loyal home fans.

The obligatory handshakes.

At the beginning of the second half I moved round to the terrace, taking a picture through the net on my way.

Pausing to watch a corner.

Here is the terrace, with home hardcore underneath.

A little bit of match action.

The fans again, with their 'famous' air raid siren in view.

The game is over now, & I asked a steward for permission to walk across the pitch to take some snaps from the centre. This is the end where we started off.

Then the terraced side, with the dugouts.

Followed by the other open end.

And, lastly, to finish our look around, the main stand.