Saturday 28 January 2012

Hailsham Town

Hailsham Town play in the Sussex County League, & are currently in the second division. I saw a game her in August 2010, not for a Hailsham match, but an FA Cup extra-preliminary round tie between Sidley United & Lancing, on a Sunday afternoon,Lancing winning 3-0, in front of a crowd of 73. I was particularly pleased to get a game in here, as in the late eighties Hailsham played Dulwich Hamlet in a third qualifying round tie. They drew at Champion Hill, but the replay was at Lewes, as they never had lights. It took me a long time to get there, but I did! ;-)
I've also just been told on Facebook, after I published a link to this, by Chris & David, that Hailsham have installed a small 113 seater stand since my visit, which would make them able to regain their place back in the higher division, when they gain promotion.

Signs like this annoy's Hailsham TOWN FC! Grr!

You tell 'em! Bloody tresspassers! ;-)

The turnstiles.

And from the other side, now in the ground.

To our left is a covered terrace, with a tea bar. There were no seats here, which is why they got demoted from Division One, despite not finishing in a relegation spot.

We are going to head past the terracing, clockwise, toward the clubhouse & changing room buildings, which are behind the goal.

Looking of the pitch, the rest of the ground is very open, just railed off.

Under the terrace, by the tea bar.

Moving along it.

And turning round.

Looking at it, from on the pitch.

Past the cover is a narrow path, toward the corner.

Beyond it opens up a little.

Clubhouse behind the goal.

First corner flag shot, good to see a sensible club making money, through use of plastic glasses.

A narrow path in front of the clubhouse, behind the goal.

Before we move on, it's down the side, & round the back, into the bar.

It's spacious & welcoming.

A list of people & organisations who helped build it on display.

Including the Lottery Sports Fund.

The official opening of the bar plaque.

And another from the Football Trust.

Back outside, & the teams are listed.

Behind the goal, we look back to the covered side.

Another Lottery funding mention on the exterior of the clubhouse.

Moving along behind the goal, note the speakers, this is their PA system, wired up from inside the building.

Behind the goal, looking over to the open dugouts side.

Looking toward the speakers.

Now past them we follow the rail to the corner.

Which continues down the tree lined side.

From the corner we glance back behind the clubhouse end.

Then crack on round the ground, down the side.

Looking over the pitch to the covered section.

Spectators one side, trees the other!

Now we've reached the dugouts.

Over the halfway line.

The dugouts from on the pitch.

Going past the second one.

Here it is, from the front.

Past a shed, onward to the next corner.

Open grass standing, jsut railed off. The building ahead is the local tennis club.

Very open at this end.

Down the dugout side, & up the pitch, from this corner.

Moving on, behind the goal.

As you can see, it's quite windy.

Past the goal, we look leftward, to the side where we started our walk.

Nearing our final corner.

And then back on the 'main' side.

From this side we turn back, behind the goal.

Heading toward the gate where we came in.

Which is here...

Raffle winners now on display, not one of my tickets unfortunately!

With the ground tour complete, time to concentrate on the match!