Thursday 12 July 2012


Burnham play in the Evo-Stik League Southern Division One Central & I took this set of snaps an an FA Sunday Cup tie last season, back in November 2011.
Unfortunately it was a somewhat foggy afternoon, so the photos aren't the clearest!

The entrance into the ground from the main road.

Club sign by the entrance.

On the other side of the gates was a board for their Junior Club.

On the wall is a stone to commemorate the original opening, I presume.

Ahead is a turnstile, which is in a corner of the ground, but it's not the main way in.

We have to go across this large car park to get inside.

The same car park, from the other end of it.

Here are the main turnstiles.

League sponsors board, and one from the main Club sponsors.

To the side of the turnstiles, outside the ground, is this entrance up to the bar.

It's neat & tidy.

Again prominence given to their youngsters.

Plus lots of club memorabilia.

Some photos very old.

Now back outside, the turnstiles from in the ground.

We are in the corner of the stadium. Through the mist you can see a smal lsction of cover on the far side, to the right of the corner flag.

Behind the goal, to our right, is open hard standing.

Down the side, to our left, it is also open hard standing, up to the seats. To the left note the board, which is advertsing the prices for the tea bar, just out of shot.

Here it is.

We move on, going round clockwise, toward the seated area.

From the sie we look back to the near open end.

Now we reach the seats, built into the front of the two floor main club building.

Several rows of modern, plastic backed seats.

From the back, in the corner, we see along them.

League sponsors hoarding at the rear.

The stand appears to be sectioned off.

Over the pitch, car park end to the right.

The covered terrace opposite, through the fog.

We now reach the directors area.

For home & away officials.

With a general spectator section past that.

A press table at the rear.

Almost by the players' tunnel.

Looking into the tunnel.

With more ordinary seating the other side of it.

At the front is space for wheelchairs & their carers.

Almost at the end of the stand now, looking back along it.

The side angle, from beyond it.

To the side are the toilets, and an exit from the function area up above.

Past that is more of the open hard standing to the corner, with a patch of lawn behind.

Almost at the next corner now.

Turning round we glance back down the main side.

The next corner flag picture.

Flat hard standing & lawn all the way along, behind this goal.

Moving toward the goal.

The main stand, now to our right.

The dugouts & cover to our left.

Same direction, through the gap between the net supports & the goal.

Zooming in to the dugouts & covered area.

Then carrying on to the next corner of the ground.

A gap in the fence, at the corner, pitch roller through it.

At the turn, old grass cuttings dumped in the corner.

The last glance of this end, from on it.

Another corner flag picture, main stand shrouded in the mist.

Now moving along the side, more hard standing, grass behind, lined by overhanging trees & bushes.

Getting closer to the dugouts & covered shed.

Getting closer, not sure what happened to the camera here, though!

Behind the first dugout.

Almost at the halfway line.

Here we are, looking over it to the main stand.

Now to the cover, behind the second dugout. One step under the roof, not really worthy of being called a 'terrace'.

The pair of dugouts, from the front.

Now under the covered area.

Looking over the pitch, toward the car park goal, from under it.

Past the cover, the hard standing slopes down slighty to more flat open standing.

And this carries on to the next corner of the ground.

From this area we see over to the main stand once more.

turning round, to see the cover from the side, groundsmans shed behind it.

Moving onward, the tractor is parked in front of us.

Now at the final turn.

The last open end, which we saw as we came in.

Last look back down the side, you can see clearly where the tractor is parked.

Final corner flag snap of the day.

And on, behind the goal.

Past the small turnstile block we saw in the car park, as we came in,earlier.

Heading toward the goal.

The covered shed, from behind the goal.

On our way past the net.

Directly behind it, toward the stand.

Beyond it, the stand from the edge of the area.

Tour complete,as we're practically back at the main turnstiles.

Now for a little bit of the match...