Thursday 9 February 2012

TSV Fortuna Sachsenross; Hannover, Germany

TSV Fortuna Sachsenross are a non-league side from Hannover, & I had a look at their ground back in December 2010. They curently compete in the Landesliga, which are the regional league, on the seventh rung of the German pyramid.

As you can see, it was rather cold when I approached the ground!

Club name displayed outside.

This is the way into the ground, with the ticket booth on the left.

Prices on display.

Walking in the clubhouse is to the right.

Being a non-matchday midweek morning it was closed. But here we look to the outdoor area, which must be nice for an early or late season match in the sun.

As we enter the ground, we are along the side, near this corner. From here we see past the clubhouse & changing rooms, to this open end.

Across the pitch, to the open dugouts side.

To our left, down the near side, are a few steps of open terracing. This is the way we are going to walk round the ground, clockwise.

Moving on there is a row of seats at the back of some of the steps.

Past a hut, and then the tannoy box after it.

Glancing back at the terracing we've seen. The board on the front of the shed is the scoreboard.

Tannoy box.

Here we see the scoreboard & tannoy box from on the pitch.

Walking on, it's more open terracing, up to the corner of the ground.

Well not quite the corner. Past this point, and behind the goal, there is no standing area at all for spectators.

Turning back, seeing along the side terrace, from the corner. A second pitch clearly visiible, on the right, behind it.

A corner flag shot, with the club having it's own corner flags, with crest on it.

A close up of it.

As you can see here, nothing behind the goal.

Just advertising.

Behind the goal, to the left, the dugout side, where we are heading.

At the next corner, down this side the rail returns, and there is more terracing here, with a small grass bank behind.

A similar look, looking down the terrace, but standing on it.

The other side of the terrace is another open pitch.

Moving along, we are almost at the dugouts.

The first dugout, from the front.

On the terracing between this one & the other, there are some plastic seats bolted onto the terrace.

The home dugout next, from the front, with an extra bench, pitchside.

This is back on the terrace, behind the home dugout, looking back at the seats.

Past the dugouts there are some more seats, atop the terracing.

On this side the terracing goes right up to the corner.

A rather risque board in this corner!

Behind this end it is railed off, but no hard standing, grass, with a footpath set further back.

Presumably some sort of shooting appliance, for training?

Heading toward the goal, changing rooms & clubhouse ahead.

The changing rooms, gap in the fence, for the 'tunnel'. A few more seats here.

Moving back a few feet, directly behind the net, looking toward the dugouts side.

At the clubhouse, in the last corner.

Turning along the side, by the clubhouse, where we began our tour of the ground, & also where we now finish.