Thursday 5 April 2012

FC Romania

FC Romania compete in the Middlesex County League Premier Division, which is at Step Seven of the non-league pyramid. Their home is an all-weather pitch in east London, directly across the road from Leyton Orient FC. I visited here on Saturday 4th February 2012 when most of the football programme was wiped out by the bad weather & this game was on, because of the all-weather surface, which resulted in a 'bumper' crowd, with lots of local groundhoppers, & some coming from up north!

The entrance to the ground, from across the road.

From that side of the road we see Leyton Orient.

The sign for the sportscentre, where the pitch is situated.

Looking down into the car park, from the cafe balcony area, there are a number of groundhoppers milling about in front of the changing rooms.

Inside the cafe area, the car park is through the glass, down below, to the left.

Back outside the cafe part, we look down toward the pitch.

The pitch is in better nick than the company sign of the installers!

Some of the funding coming from the Football Foundation.

The way to the pitch is through this gate.

Which is behind the goal, to the left of it. As you would expect, the venue is just a pitch really, but it has hard standing round it.

The path continues down the roadside touchline.

From the side we look back to the gate where we came in, & the sports complex behind.

Toward the halfway line are the visiting Southall officials & substitutes.

Directly over the halfway line, with the majority of spectators standing on the far side.

Onward to the next corner.

One of the corner flagless corner flag snaps!

As with the rest of the venue, nothing behind the goal, bar the nard standing path.

Behind the post, over to the crowded side, where there is actually a small spectator enclosure.

Directly behind the net, looking up the pitch.

Past the next post, glancing back to the Leyton Orient side, which we've already covered.

The third side of our walk round to come, on the left.

Here it is, down the touchline.

Across the pitch, with Brisbane Road as a backdrop.

Moving along, some of the FC Romania coaching staff.

Then there is this spectator enclosure. Ignored by the majority of those here, who stood on the path outside it, along the touchline.

People standing in front of it, which was probably why nobody was inside!

The other patt of it, past the gate.

FC Romania supporters mingle with the 'hoppers.

Continuing along, past the halfway line.

Almost back at the sportscentre end.

At the last corner now, ready to move on, behind the goal, where we started.

Arriving at the goal.

From behind the penalty area, a glance back at the main spectators side, for our last snap of this venue.

To round off, some from the match itself.