Tuesday 19 June 2012

Frenford Senior

Frenford Senior play in the Essex Olympian League Premier Division, & I visited them for an end of season match against Rayleigh Town, which they won, to clinch the title, & I was lucky enough to see the presentation at the final whistle.

Basic, as you would expect at this level,Step Seven, which is level eleven nationally, but better than some, fully railed off with dugouts, and and very nice club house, at this multi-sports facility.

The ground is down this side road, a few minutes from Fairlop, on the Central line. There are a number of sportsgrounds in this vicinity.

The Redbridge Leisure Centre is along here too.

Signage listing the various venues based here.

As you walk down, on the left, is Old Parkonians.

At the end of the drive, turn left, along here, & the Frenford ground is at the end, club building past the car park.

Follow the sign.

It's a good five minute walk from out on the main road, in total!

Here we are, railed off pitch ahead.

Turning slightly, we see the dugouts, on this near side, which is where most of the specatators will stand.

Behind us is the car park, & the changing rooms & bar.

Jack Carter is the gentleman who founded the Club in 1928.

It's a smart modern building.

This is inside the bar.

Impressive ceiling.

Back outside, we're in the corner, where we arrived, starting with our first corner flag shot.

Turning down the duout side.

But we're going to head the other way round, clockwise. The pitch is simply railed off all the way round, grass underfoot, no hard standing at all.

Toward the dugouts, from behind the edge of the penalty area.

At the goal now, with two club banners hanging up on the far side. Sadly I forgot to snap them properly before they were taken down, but we shall see one later...

Directly behind the goal, a gap in the rail, for the goal to be wheeled away.

And moving on past it, seeing over to the far side.

The rail continues to the corner.

It turns at the corner.

Next corner flag angle, dugouts in the background.

Along the touchline & perimeter rail, from the side.

And down the far straight.

Moving along, toward a few spectators.

Almost at the halfway line.

The away dugout, opposite.

Over the halfway line.

And a close up to the home dugout, with their fans' flag to the left of it.

Heading to the next corner.

Getting there, the rail in view behind the next goal.

Penultimate corner flag photograph.

Now we're behind the open stretch at this end.

A quick turn down the open side.

Before looking over to the dugouts side.

Same gap in the rails at this end.

With the popular side to come.

Down come those signs before i've taken a proper picture of them, should have done it at half time, instead of looking at the bar. Grr!

Some of the groundhoppers, along the dugouts side of the pitch.

Before we get there we must reach the last corner.

Behind us are the marking of a closed pitch, taken over by cricket for the summer.

Now at our last corner.

As I noted, most of the crowd hug the rail down this side.

Some are fans of either side, others neutral groundhoppers.

Almost at the  first of the dugouts. I somehow don't think the woman in her own fold up garden chair is too interested in the game, but it was a nice afternoon!

Approaching the home dugout.

Moving behind them.

Over the halfway line, between the two.

A rare attempt at an 'arty' shot, that I think actually comes off! ;-)

Visiting dugout the other way.

This is the home one.

And the visitors.

Past them the rail carries on to the corner where we began.

Almost finished.

Here we are.

Time for some match action now...

Game over, a joke between tow players...

Usually that would be it, for my photos, by the party is just about to begin, and the Chamionship trophy & medals are about to be presented, a happy, snappy bonus for me!