Wednesday 18 November 2009

TJ Sokol Bedrichov; Jihlava, Czech Republic

What a delight the ground of Sokol Bedrichov was! I'd love to come back some day and watch a match here! It the sheer neglect of the old place that makes it's beauty shine through to me!
They play in the seventh level of the Czech pyramid, according to Sigma, a regular poster on Czech football, who is always extremly helpful to me, when I ask for help regarding Czech grounds.

As we enter through the gates behind one of the goals we see the old bank of terracing to our right. This is the anti-clockwise direction we are going to walk round this ground.

From by the goal we look over to the stand, with decent terracing either side of it.

From the same place we look to our left, and see the flat side where the dugouts are.

This is the terracing as it curves round to the side.

Here we look down the full length of the stand side.

From the same corner we glance back to the end we've just strolled round.

Moving closer to the stand the decay is obvious to see.

Seats long gone, so in effect this is now a covered terrace I suppose.

Tell a lie...there's a few old benches left.

From up in the stand we look over to the changing rooms and bar in the far corner, and the open area behind the goal to our right.

And back to our left not only do we see the terrace at that end once more, but to the right of it, directly behind the goal as we look, you can see the main entrance to the ground, where we came in.

Beyond the stand now, we see the terrace continue, and curve round, Where it stops you see some sort of hard sports area, and I am wondering if the terracing once continued all the way round in the old days?

Here is a better view of the outdoor sports courts.

You can see from this shot that there's no standing behind this goal, but I don't suppose anyone would complain if you did.

From this corner we have another good shot of the old terraces.

On the next corner, where the changing rooms are, is the scoreboard.

From in front of the scoreboard I took this photo looking over the pitch.

And finally we look down the last length of the ground. Simple hard standing, with trees behind.

This is one of the dugouts.

From between them we look across the halfway line.

In the corner is the tea bar, with tables next to it.

And here we are back at the main entrance, where we came in, and are now leaving!

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SundanceKid said...

I love this ground too, espacially as it is in my home town. Saw a match here in 2001, I guess...