Monday 28 March 2011


Uxbridge currently compete in the Zamaretto League Division One Central, though they have also played in the Isthmian League in the recent past. Despite being fairly modern, they moved here in 1978, the ground certainly has its own character, & it is clearly well cared for & cherished by them. It's a few years since I've been here to see a game, I took these photos in March 2011.

A sign pointing the way, from the main road.

The ground is at the end of this approach.

There is a good sized car park by the ground.

In the corner is this turnstile.

At the other end of the car park is the main clubhouse building.

There are more turnstiles here, partly obscured by this 'smokers tent'.

Right by the clubhouse is the players & officials gate.

Here we look back along the car park, we are going back to the first tunstiles we saw to begin our walk around the place. Though, they don't appear to be in use, judging by the suff stored inside, maybe they are, who knows?

So here we are, as if we have just entered through them.

From this corner we see across the pitch, the main stand on the far side, and cover behind the goal down the other end.

Down the right hand side it's open hard standing, until another covered stand further along.

The same behind the goal to our left, with covered terrace in the middle.

We are going to head towards it, moving clockwise around the stadium.

This is the cover behind the goal, goalnet supports resting on this side, non-matchday


Behind the goal we turn left, to the main stand.

And right, toward the other stand.

Directly behind the goal, down the pitch.

A bit lower, without the raised net in the way.

Standing back under the cover, main stand to the left once more.

Here we are under the covered terrace.

A sign that looks as though it goes in te penalty area pre match.

Pitchside, this is the covered terrace from the front.

Past the cover, open hard standing to the corner.

Next 'corner flag' shot, the corner flag a bit closer than usual!

Behind this corner is the turnstiles we saw by the bar, & the open gate, where I walked into the ground.

On the perimeter fence, subconsciously telling you to pick up the local rag on the way home!

This is the turnstile shed in the bar corner, which we saw earlier, from the car park.

The actual turnstile itself.

Ground improvements helped by the Football Trust,which was wound up in 2000, & replaced by the Football Foundation.

Along the side now, more open standing, up to the main stand, & a well kept lawn!

From the side we glance back at the cover at the car park end.

This gate & fence form the 'tunnel' back to the changing rooms.

Here we look along it.

Past that are a couple of shallow open steps of terrace. Note the building to the left, set back behind the brick wall.

That is a seperate club room, where the boardroom is based.

This is the entrance to the boardroom.

Decorum rules for the officials on the door.

A glimpse inside, through the window.

Back to the ground, we're almost at the main stand, behind the home dugout.

My gosh!

A padded bench! Unusual.


And a team sheet, handy for calling the correct substitutions, & making sure your sub has the right shirt on!

The start of the main stand. Different on two counts. firstly, the smart box for the tannoy person; & secondly, I am a little surprised all the glass is intact.

Turning back to the dugout we see a small ramp, presumably a viewing area for wheelchair bound supporters.

We have now reached the main stand, with no standing in front of it. The cover at the far end in the background.

The seats, from the front.

And from in front, on the pitch.

Now looking along the stand, from the back.

Moving closer to the 'posh seats' for directors in the centre.

Some signs of local vandalism on the back, but this is a club who clearly take pride in a smart ground, & it has been cleaned as well as possible.

The steps up to the officials' seats.

This is the view they have across the halfway line.

To the right, where we have been.

And now to the left, where we are heading.

The centre section, from the front. I would guess the players once used the centre as a tunnel to old changing rooms?

At the front, for the reamining part of the main stand.

Back on the pitch, for another angle.

Moving on, more open hard standing to the away dugout.

And beyond it.

No plush seat for the visitors!

On we go to the next corner.

Almost there, looking back.

The view over the pitch from the flag.

This end is similar to the other one, hard standing leading up to a covered terrace behind the goal.

Down the touchline.

I wasn't the only 'intruder'!

Now at the covered terrace. Identical at both ends.

From the penalty area.

Back behind the fence, toward the next stand.

Under the roof.

Behind the goal, back to the main stand.

To the next post, over to the other seating.

Past the cover is more open hard standing.

I love the traditional old style pitch perimeter fencing at this ground.

At the last stretch now. More open hard standing to the seating.

Almost there, note the gate on the left, just before the stand.

Through it is a large training area, with some lights on the far side.

Now we are at the Ron Clack Stand. According to their club history he was their manager for eighteen years, from 1970 to 1988.

A more recent concrete structure, compared to the main one, with no supports at the front.

A shot from the back, along the length of it.

Over the halfway line, from this side.

Past this stand is more open hard standing, up to where we began our circuit.

This is the Ron Clack Stand, from on the pitch.

This hoarding in front of it caught my eye, 'personalised' to appeal to football fans.

Almost finished now.

Past the last pylon to complete our stroll around Uxbridge FC.

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Anonymous said...

Really great to peruse around the website, a real trip down memory lane.
Just one observation when reading the history.
1976 played England at Wembley
1978 changed grounds from Cleveland Road to Horton Road.....not correct!!
That date is wrong, as we left in the team coach to Wembley stadium driven by Dave Tucker on the Sunday morning, from Horton Road.
What a memorial day.
Regards, an ex-player.