Tuesday 29 March 2011


Culver Road is the home of Lancing, who play in the Sussex County League Division Two. It is also the headquarters of the Sussex County Football Association, who own the ground. I visited here for the first time on Wednesday January 5th 2011, for a Brighton & Hove Albion reserve team match against Crawley Town, as they also play here. It was an afternoon kick off, & raining, so some of the photos are a little less clear than they should be, due to raindrops on the camera! A nice ground, with a modern stand, but I do feel sorry for Lancing, as although they play here, it didn't really feel like their ground, which it isn't, it belongs to the County!

There is a car park, behind the stand, from the road.

No wonder they say football administrators are greedy!

Visitors minibus.

The main turnstiles. Team sheets were also on sale for 10p, which was a bonus.

In the ground, the other side of the gate.

To our right is the tea bar, main bar, which was shut, though you could sit in there, and the main stand.

It may have been a mid afternoon kick off, but it was very overcast, & the lights were already on, as we look across the pitch, to the open far side, with the dugouts.

Not updated today. Maybe they only use it for County matches? I wonder how many other grounds have sponsors for their team changes board?

We are heading left, going round clockwise, past the Sussex FA building here, the board above was on the side of it.

Hard standing in front of the offices, plenty of glass to watch the game through, if any of their full-time officials are 'stuck at work'!

Their HQ continues to the corner, where the groundman's hut is based.

Down the touchline.

First corner flag pic, with 'rain spot' on the right included! ;-)

It's open hard standing behind the goal, tight by the groundstaff building, then grass banking further along.

Here is the path in front of the hut.

And the door inside, note the sign on it...

Someone has a sense of humour!

That's it, tuck the junk round the corner, nobody will notice!

Now it's more open, the grass bank gives a raised vantage point.

From here we look back along the main side, both the offices & main stand in the picture.

Behind the goal a similar angle, with the match in progress.

Time to continue to the next corner.

Directly behind the goal.

Now eyes toward the open dugout side.

I've not heard of this website.

Another one, highlighting the Respect campaign. I get the impression the boards are all sold by the County, & not the Club.

From the corner we glance back behind the goal.

As we turn it, we see it's the same along the side, a slight grass bank, with hard standing in front.

From this corner we view tthe main stand, over the pitch.

Before seeing down the straight.

More than adequate for their level.

Over the fence to the left is a large playing field. Probably used by very minor Sussex sides at weekends.

Almost opposite the main stand.

Before looking back behind the end we've seen.

Now we're coming behind the dugouts.

The path continues behind them.

Between the two we see across the halfway line.

Here they are from the other side.

Moving onward, a few spectators prefer to stand in the drizzle rather than be protected from the elements in the seats.

The far corner is now approaching.

Atop the bank is some old brickwork, which leaves me wondering if there was a stand of some sort on this side in the old days?

Another 'propaganda' board from the County! ;-)

There's more, this time from a different sport. A venue which was once mooted as a possible home for the Albion.

A bit messy in the corner, old grass cuttings dumped.

Full length down the open side, before we move on.

Our third corner flag picture.

Much of the same at this end. Hand standing, with grass behind.

Almost behind the goal now, main stand as a backdrop.

Heading toward the last corner.

This training goal facing the wrong way, would have liked to have seen the shot that broke that net! ;-)

A full length angle of the seats.

Gates & a turnstile right back in this corner, an access point for emergency vechiles.

That's how I knew!

Down the main side now.

Almost reaching the seats.

From here we look over to the dugouts, with the County advertising themselves!

Yet another local sporting venue, different sport,& a brief nickname of mine next to it! Back in my drinking days, supporting The Hamlet Junior Club tour to Holland, the coach driver nicknamed me Heineken, as I was never without a tin or bottle of the stuff in my hand!

Now we're up in the seats, the first section, by the players' tunnel.

It's lazily not been pulled back properly, some part of the touchline is obscured.

Turning round there are the non-playing members of the Brighton squad.

Another look over the pitch to both dugouts.

This is the tunnel, with the County name on the on top of the stand.

Here we see into the tunnel. Note the 'diamonds' that run along the brickwork at the back.

They appear to be those 'sponsored' type things, but it doesn't say if it benefits the County or Lancing. No doubt the County..

At the back of the stand, the other side of the tunnel.

Those 'diamond bricks' again.

Down at the front of the stand.

Past the seats, window from the bar, & tea bar beyond.

A plaque just inside the bar, commemorating the redevelopment of Culver Road.

Tidy inside.

Back to the start of the game now, as the players come onto the pitch.

Followed by a few shots of the game.


ICantThinkOfAName said...

According to the Club web site the County FA bought the ground from the club in the 1980s at a time when thae club was in difficulties.

The County FA provided floodlights and other improvements.

The County use it as a venue for some of their organised matches including the Sussex (RUR) Cup Final.

Rabbler said...

Doh! Maybe I should get round to actually looking at the club websites I link to. Thanks for the info.