Monday 2 March 2009

KV Willebroek-Meerhof; Willebroek, Belgium

This was a ground I wasn't expecting to visit! I was passing through Willebroek to visit the Second World War concentration camp memorial at Fort Breendonk, when I saw floodlights! I had to be nosey, and found the ground of Belgian Third Division side KV Willebroek-Meerhof. Behind it was an athletics track gorund, with football pitch in the middle. No idea who plays there, but Stephen Harris, a knowledgeable poster on the Tony Kempster forum, tells me on there that he thinks that it is used by their younger junior sides. It is actually the running track ground that has the floodlights, not the main stadium. I've included both grounds on the one post here.
The ground was shut, and it took me a full circuit of the perimeter to find a way in, through a hole on a fence. Here we go...

This was the main entrance, behind the stand.

A sign up the road that pointed the way.

And the actual name of the street where it is located, an easy one to remember!

This is the main entrance, where the ticket booths are.

I wnet past this, and found this entrance, behind the goal, there was a gap at the bottom of the fence to the right of the gate, which I just managed to squeeze through!

Once inside I went back to the main turnstiles, and will take you round the ground,clockwise, from here. To the corner is a nice section of open terrace.

The terrace continues behind the goal, and you can see the floodlights for the pitch behind, in the background.

It curves round, suggesting there may have once been a track in front of it.

From behind this goal we see the covered terrace on the left.

And the main stand, with a posh glass fronted area in the middle, on the right.

The terrace continues round to the right, where it becomes concreted along the side.

Here we look down the touchline, a quality bit of tidy terracing.

And from this corner we look over to the main stand.

Here we are now in the main covered terrace. The gates further on are presumably segregation gates.

Another look at the main stand, across the pitch.

At the other end of the terrace now, we look back towards the fence.

Similar open terracing up this end too.

At the end of the covered terrace is another entrance, presumably an away fans area.

Again the terrace curves round behind the goal.

From behind the goal we look back down the covered side.

And another look over to the main stand, where we are heading.

With another view of it further along.

Here is the last bit of terrace along the side, then the stand.

From this corner we look over to the covered terrace.

To the side of the stand is the 'club tractor'!

Here's another view of it, looking towards the pitch.

& finally we get to the main stand.

Here we look down the seating area.

And from back up here behind the goal.

Across the pitch

And down at the front we see the dugouts.

Behind the glass is a dining area.

This is the directors' box, presumably.

Moving on we look back down the stand.

And further along, from the corner of it.

Now we're outside, looking back to the main stand, but heading towards the sportcentre next door.

Nothing special about the pylons, I just thought...why not?

This is the name of the sportscentre, which is home to the local basketball club.

This is the front of the sportscentre. The athletics track pitch is behind this building.

Here, behind the goal, there is merely hard standing, with no perimeter fence. The main stadium is to the right of this photo.

Now we look across the pitch, with the goal at this end in view.

Along the side it is railed off, with the stand set back in the middle.

Here we look up to the stand.

Which has simple wooden benching in it.

up here we look across to the other goal.

And now it's time to go, having explored both grounds.

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