Sunday 24 May 2009


I've only been to Bedfont once. They play in the Combined Counties League. Can't quite recall when, but it was at least fifteen years ago for a Dulwich Hamlet Youth Team game, back when we played in the Southern Youth League.
I took the opportunity to take these snaps earlier this month when I was next door at Bedfont Sports, & groundsharers Feltham were at home. They are a mix of the start of the second half, as it was half time at my game (which kicked off late) & after the final whistle.

Here we see the clubhouse, from the road.

The turnstiles here are to the right of the clubhouse building, as you approach them.

Inside the entrance, tables outside the bar & changing room area, the players come on the pitch from this corner, I'd guess a 'tunnel' in the very corner is quite unusual, though I am sure a few other clubs enter the field of play from here.

One of my favoured corner flag angles, you can see the main stand on the far side, but we will go round the other way, heading clockwise.

A sponsored club sign on the railings.

Down this side there is only hard standing, but the grass is kept tidy enough, rather than overgrown, which shows a care for the ground.

Moving along we look across to the stand.

Past the dugouts more hardstanding, just past the dugout in the photo you can see the cover behind the goal.

Actually two seperate bits of cover, I don't know which one came first. My guess would be the smaller one, as it is directly behind the goal. Which I prefer, as it's 'personalised' with the club name on it.

Down at the next corner flag now, we once more look across the pitch.

More hard standing behind this goal, but supplimented by the two 'sheds'. Ideal if it's raining & you've just had an argument with one of your mates!

Wouldn't mind coming here in a cup tiie, we could make quite a racket banging that corrigated iron!

A look across the pitch, not to enhance the photos of the ground, just an excuse to try to catch some of the unusually low planes going past. You can spot the locals..they don't bat an eyelid! I wonder how many visiting goalkeepers have conceded here after being distracted by them?

And another similar snaps, looking directly up the pitch.

Another angle of the two bits of cover behind the goal.

Now for the next 'corner flag' shot.

Now we're heading down the side, towards the stand. I must admit when I took this shot I didn't notice the chap having a wee in the corner!

A typical small, modern stand.

A view from in front of it.

The 'directors box' in in the corner.

Here we look over the seats.

Another shot of the stand, from the other side.

With another glance back behind the covered end.

Now we're almost at the last corner, we look back down the path to the stand.

The last corner flag (not that I make a habit of 'collecting' them all!) and it's completely open at this end.

From behind the goal another view of the seats.

That would complete our tour of the ground usually, but as I was here after the game I walked onto the pitch & took shots of all four sides from the centre. Here is the main stand.

The two sheds behind the goal.

The dugouts opposite the stand.

And, finally, looking the open end, with the main building on the right.

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