Friday 30 October 2009

HC Chrudim; Czech Republic

I visited HC Chrudim on Wednesday 21st October, and they play in the second level of Czech ice hockey. It cost 60Kc to get in, and a free programme was handed out, along with a copy of the local paper. The match was entertaining enough, & when there's no football to see on my Czech Republic trips I always enjoy watchinh ice hockey.

I was in town early early enough to get a decent outdoors shot of the ice rink.

Inside it is basically one sided. With this bank of seating, steep concrete terraced sections at either end.

There is open standing, no steps, behind each goal. This is down the far end.

Along the far side are the benches, spectators are not allowed along here during matches.

Here we look up to the main side.

This is the 'away' terrace, with hte general seating beyond.

From up in the seats we look over to the end where the entrance is, and see the penalty boxes down at the front.

A similar view, but up at the back of the seats.

Looking across the ice, with the club crest in the centre.

This is the home terrace, in the other corner beyond the seats.

Looking across the ice from my seat during the match.

Down at the front, looking across the seats.

Tucked away in one corner is the food & beer stall.

This is the main 'noisy' home section, during one of the intervals. Any idea what that thing in the front is?

It's an old air raid siren!

Above the home terrace are hung the town flags.

Game over, after extra time and a penalty shoot out & time to shake hands.

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