Monday 14 June 2010

Glasgow Tigers

I went back to Saracen Park, as in the post above, for a speedway meeting in May 2010. Glasgow Tigers beating Somerset Rebels 47-43.

Rather than walk you round the same ground once again I will just leave this set of snaps as a 'blank portfolio' of my speedway experience. These were taken with my newer camera, which is of slightly better wuality than the one I used last time, so hopefully you will be able to notice an improvement. With these pictures I'm more trying to catch a 'flavour' of the whole event, rather than the ground, which I have already described, above.

I'm not really a speedway fan, having been to less than a dozen meetings in my entire life! But I'm pleased to say I thoroughly enjoyed the late afternoon meeting.

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mack said...

Just came across all your photos off the stadium and the speedway I hope you enjoy your days there I think I talked to you when you visited the speedway you stood right next to me I am in one off the photos (the guy sitting down on the green folding seat)hope you can make it back again one day