Monday 23 August 2010

Peacehaven & Telscombe

Peacehaven & Telscombe play in the Sussex County League First Division. I've not seen a game here, but popped in to have a look at the ground just before the start of the 2009/10 season.

Walking along the main coastal road you can see the Football Club badge, above, is based on the town crest.

Here is a close up of the crest on the pillar.

The ground is by a municipal multi sports complex.

We approach the ground across the car park.

The ground is fully enclosed, & deserted on an early summer Sunday evening, but I found a gate round the other side. The actual entrance is to the left of this building.

So for the purpose of this tour we're going to start from here. The path into the ground, leading up to the turnstile.

Here we are at the actual turnstile.

Here we see it from inside, with a board by it for team changes.

There is no stand here, just an overhang, with a bench under it. to our right. We will see this part close up later. We are heading in the other direction, clockwise round the pitch.

First of all we look over the pitch. The ground is very open on three sides. Opposite we see the smart dugouts.

To our immediate left is hard standing to the corner, and a strange bit of concrete brickwork behind. I'm not sure what it's there for, but I'm sure is used to sit on,albeit a bit low.

Maybe, from that sign, it's not finished! ;-)

The hard standing continues behind the goal.

From behind the goal we look back to the club building, along the side.

You can imagine it being very cold here on dark midweek nights in the middle of winter.

From the corner we look over the pitch.

Down the side some grass, before another stretch of hard standing.

This continues up to the dugouts.

Inbetween the two dugouts is a very smart gantry, it looks neat, with the club crest on it, but I don't recall the 'Match of the Day' cameras ever having been here...

Squeezing past them it's then more hard standing, & then grass to the corner.

As we turn behind the goal the concrete path returns.

This stretches all the way along.

From this end we look over to the left, where the main side of the ground is.

In the corner is this gate, which was bolted but not locked. Which was lucky for you & me, as that's how I gained access for these snaps!

The path continues down the side, up to the building, & covered area.

Before we get to the changing rooms/bar area, there a bit of a 'dumping ground' for old junk set back, by it.

But on closer inspection it's a bit of a cobbled up 'pub garden' for the bar as well!

From this angle it doesn't look so bad.

These low individual seats won't impress any ground graders, I think!

A tidy sign above the entrance here.

This bench has it's own special elevated position.

Jointly dedicated to this local man...

And a youngster from the club.

And past this bench we are back where we began.

Our last snap is of the cover & building from on the pitch.

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