Friday 29 October 2010

Willesden Constantine

You won't find a more basic type of venue than Willesden Constantine, who play in a public park, in north-west London. I saw them toward the end of last season, on a Wednesday evening, against Southall, in a Middlesex County League Premier Division match. As a bonus there was a programme issued, though it was only distributed in the latter part of the second half!

The changing rooms are in part of this Goals complex.

From the side of the pitch we see behind the goal. completely open, no spectator facilities. To have any is unusual at this level.

The pitch is simply roped off.

There are lights, as you can see, but I am almost certain, this are old & unused.

Looking across the pitch, for kick off.

At the corner we can see the goals complex, to the right. There are no dugouts for this venue, the management & substitutes stand on this side, inside the rope.

From the corner, with the flag just staying attached to the pole, we look across the pitch.

A little bit of action from the game...

Moving on past the goal we see how open the 'ground' is.

Down the far side it is roped off again.

Dusk is starting to draw in a little, as we look over the pitch, at the halfway line.

Down at the next corner now, we look back down the touchline.

At this end the rope continues behind the goal.

Continuing round the pitch we see the small group of spectators, along the side where we started.

One of those watching wears a jacket from AFC Wembley, who play in the Harrow Youth League.

Not sure which club this chap is associated with, but that's quite an old Ryman top, so I am guessing he may have 'aquired it' from one of them... ;-)

He doesn't seem to have the right build for this level...

A final look down the line, as the evening draws in.

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