Wednesday 24 November 2010


Brockenhurst FC play in the Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division, & I took the opportunity to snap their ground when I was on my way down to Wymouth for a pre-season match in July 2010.

It looks a delightful ground, an unexpected gem, & without a doubt one I'd love to 'tick off' for a game.

This is the entrance from the road, car park ahead, the blue & white box on the right is the turnstile.

We are in the corner of the ground, open hard standing behind the goal; & you can see the stand and club buildings on the far side.

To the right, down the side, it's all open hard standing. We are heading round the ground, the other way, going behind the goal we've just seen, clockwise.

Just a hard pathway, the car park area we saw is the other side of the wooden fence.

From behind the goal we look down the open side, you can see blue & white brickwork further down, they are actually the dugouts.

Past the wooden fence there is a small covered area, set back in the corner.

Behind the goal we look over to the main stand. It appears to be a strange structure, with the seating up top, and the changing rooms below, at ground level.

This is a close up of the covered area.

Past it is the refreshment area.

Almost at the corner, and we look down the side. This neatly painted building is the clubhouse area.

This is a lovely club gate.

The entrance to the clubhouse is 'behind' it, the other side from the pitch.

From down this path to the bar we look back along the part of this side of the ground that we've covered.

Back pitchside, it's a tight side, if you choose to stand here.

From along here we look back behind the goal, before moving on.

Beyond the bar is a patio area.

Looking over the pitch we see the dugouts on the far side.

Now we are almost at the impressive main stand, going on the pitch to get this shot.

There are steps up to it from the side, with an unusually long bench at the side.

Clearly a cherished part of the ground.

Up in the stand there are old wooden benches.

In the front, at the middle of it, is a directors area.

Here we see it properly, from the front.

Here we look back over the pitch, toward the end we came in.

Now straight across the pitch.

And toward the other open goal, to our left. Note the groundsman, hard at work on the pitch. Part of me wanted to stay here for the game, but Weymouth, where I was heading, is always under threat, so it was far more important for me to get there.

Past the raised benches is more hard standing, the paving laid around a tree inside the ground.

Down below we continue along the path to the next corner.

Having reached it, we look back along the stand side, which is obscured by the greenery.

The view over the pitch from this corner, the pitch looking not to good here, in the very dry summer spell.

Now behind the goal, more flat hard standing, with grass behind.

As there's one being driven on the pitch, I presume this one is kaput!

Behind the goal now, we have the stand as a backdrop.

From the other post we see directly down the pitch.

And then over to the dugouts.

Almost at the next corner.

Along the last side there is a huge tree inside the ground.

Before we reach it another view over the pitch, that includes the open area behind the goal.

Just the narrow pathway, as we turn the last corner.

Is there really space on this side for the dugouts?

Before we get to them we look across to the main stand.

Here we are behind the dugouts. Fenced off inbetween, maybe the manager once got too much grief from fans & ordered it!

And here they are, pitchside.

Moving on & it's open hard standing, to the corner where we came in.

Groundsman's hut on the left.

A nice message for spectators as they leave.

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