Monday 2 May 2011

Sawbridgeworth Town

Sawbridgeworth Town play in the Essex Senior League, & I saw them play against Takeley on New Years Day 2011. A typical basic step five ground, but a little quirky in its own way. I certainly enjoyed my visit here, the club seemed quite welcoming to me.

The ground is at the end of this residential street.

Club sign at the entrance to the car park.

Clubhouse ahead.

Changing rooms beyond them.

The turnstiles into the ground.

Board displaying the prices.

The ground is very open. As we come through the gate this is the view to our right.

And over the pitch, it looks extremely open on the far side.

Open hard standing past the turnstile toward the clubhouse, which is the way round the ground we are heading. As you can see the weather wasn't too good.

There was a covered area ahead, and note the benches too.

Over the pitch, opposite the dugouts.

The cover was popular in the wet.

It was strange to see this mesh fencing around parts of the pitch. Not what I'd expect.

Under the cover.

Time to pop into the bar, as we're passing it.

The trophy cabinet.

With this lovely German gift inside it, from VfL Wahrenholtz.

On the noticeboard is this excellent statement from their Chairman.

Back outside we look through the fencing, over the halfway line.

Moving along we reach the players' tunnel.

The main stand is on the other side of the cage.

From the other side of it we see the teams waiting to come out.

And onto the pitch they go.

The seats from the front.

At the other end we look along them from the back.

Down at the front from this end.

Past the seats it's open hard standing to the corner.

And more high mesh fencing pops up.

From this corner we turn to see back down the main side.

The corner flag in the gap between the mesh.

The club crest is on the flags, which are in Sawbridgeworth colours.

More open hard standing behind the goal. note the netting behind the path, & if you look carefully you will see a lone bench behind there too.

This bench, which is a memorial.

For this man here.

Almost at the goal at this end.

Past the net, the popular side in the background.

The open dugout side the other way.

Moving on, along to the next corner.

The next corner flag shot, across the pitch.

Down the dugout side now. More open hard standing. note the pitch to the left.

It's a ful lsize second one, marked out for matches, & not just training.

Down the side now, we see the end we've just covered.

We reach the first dugout.

It is the one for the visitors.

A strange design, with windows at the back.

Trying to keep dry!

It looks a very recent structure.

The seats opposite.

Players tunnel next to it.

And the small covered area beyond that.

The flat parts of concrete inside the pitch rail suggest there were old dugouts here.

Over the halfway line, from this side.

Almost at the home dugout now.

The roof at the back seems to be too big for it!

Here it is from the other side.

It is actually larger than the away one.

The hard standing that is the path round the pitch goes up to the next corner.

Behind the goal there's more of the high chained mesh fencing.

A last glance down the open side.

At the next corner now.

Time to walk behind the goal at this end.

From here we look along the dugout side, from the pitch.

Going past the goal.

And toward the boardroom.

The main side once again.

The cabin on the left is the boardroom area.

Looking down the main side touchline we can see the hatch for the tea bar.

The last corner angle, again through the high mesh fencing.

Not sure what this building is for, looks like a jynk shop inside!

Heading to the tea bar.

Beyond it is more open hard standing, and a bench & table to enjoy your burgers on nicer days than this!

A last peek back behind the goal.

And across the pitch., note the fairly low plane. We're on the approach to Stansted Airport.

The circuit is complete as we rach the turnstiles, where we began.

Back to the match, which Takeley won 4-1. The handshakes beforehand.

Kick off.

A little bit of action.

I know you're supposed to be getting old when policemen look young, but linesmen...?

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