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Bromley is probably, what I call, the last of the great amateur grounds left in Greater London, following the demolition of Hayes & Yeading United after last season had finished. Even when their old stand burnt down in, shall we say, 'unfortunate' circumstances at the start of the nineties, a new one was built on the same spot, & has since been extended, without drastically altering the place. They currently play at the second level of English non-league football, in the Blue Square South.

Cray Wanderers groundshare here, having left their Oxford Road home in 1998 as they could not get planning permission for floodlights. These photos were taken on Sunday 12th September 2010, when Cray hosted South Park in an FA Cup tie.

From the main road, Hayes Lane, which is the name of the ground, you reach it by going up this driveway.

Signposted, in case you drive past.

Fixtureboard on the main road.

Another sign, advertising the 'corporate' side.

Down the approach, to the left, is the local bowling club.

With cricket played beyond the football ground.

There's also a board for the tenants.

Here is their crest.

Toward the end of the drive is one of the car parking areas, in front of the turnstiles.

Here are the turnstiles.

To the right of them is this large Bromley fixture board.

Past that is the modern players entrance.

Now inside we look back at the turnstiles.

Ahead of us is the pitch, as well as the matchday programme hut.

Smile mate, it'sthe FA Cup after all!

To the immediate left is a refreshment hut.

To the right is the clubhouse, and the stand.

We're going to head past the hut, & go round the ground clockwise. Toward this covered end. note the gates in the corner.

They have the club initials on them.

At the corner, from along the side, we see the covered terrace from this angle.

A cracking bit of old terracing, as we see from standing on it.

From this end we see the main stand to the right.

Edging toward the goal.

From the back we see the big open terrace along the other side.

A better look at the main stand, & bar to the right.

Directly over the goal, the other end is covered too, but differs to this one, as you shall see when we get round there.

Here we see this terraced end, from just on the pitch, taken after the match.

Time to move on, heading toward the next corner.

Corner flag shot, with the other two areas of cover in view.

Glancing back along the covered terrace, from this corner.

And now we see along the vast open terrace.

A similar view, but standing on it.

Over the top of it, to the left, is the cricket club.

A bland modern pavilion though.

A Cray fan was catching some of the cricket, wearing their special 150th anniversary shirt, which they commissioned especially for last season.

Here's the front of it.

From the top of the terrace we get an excellent look back at the covered end we've just seen.

The rail at the back stops you falling down the grass bank, I guess that's the theory!

Moving onward, the dugouts are down the front, a bit further along.

I loved this 'health & safety' sign on the floodlights. Would love to someone try to clamber up it!

Behind the dugouts, over the halfway line, to the main stand.

Named after a lifelong Bromley stalwart, who collapsed & died a few years ago, at an away game at Aylesbury United, if my memory is correct. He was always a friendly chap, & a great loss to Bromley Football Club. A fitting tribute to him.

Here we see the dugouts.

Moving on past them we now see the other end, similar roof to the terraced one, but not terracing here. Wooden benches!

There's even an apple tree in the corner!

The view back along the open terrace.

From the side we have an excellent look at the benches.

At the front for the next corner flag shot.

The benches have been renovated over the years, at one stage they were very neglected, & many were missing.

There used to be a couple of rows immediately behind the goal, at the front. The lighter patches of concrete were where the supports were, & when the wooden planks had gone we called them 'the tank traps' whenever we visited!

More 'health & safety' nonsense!

From this end we peer back at the open side.

Continuing along the benches.

From the back, behind the goal, we turn right to the open terrace again.

Down at the front, the other way to the main stand.

Yeah, like anyone bothers to take notice of this one!

Behind the goal, looking to the other end.

Here we see the benches, from on the pitch, after the game.

Back on the benches, sorry I'm standing on them, toward the main stand side.

Turning left, we see along the remaining benches, to the corner.

Almost at the last side now.

From this corner we have our last look along the benches.

Behind this end is an all-weather area.

The last of the corner flag pictures.

Just hard standing along this side, until the new stand. In the 'old days' the bar was situated here until the 'accidental' fires.

Here is the Cray club shop & boardroom.

From this side we turn back to the benches.

Almost at the main stand, at last.

Shutters down, as it wasn't a Bromley game.

Up in the seats.

Directors enclosure at the rear.

With a press area there too.

Almost above the tunnel, we see over to the other part of the stand.

Turning back, the section we've been in.

Down at the front the gates onto the pitch have the club initials on them.

From on the pitch we see down the tunnel.

Then back up into the seats, to look at the other side of the stand.

From the front of this section we lean over to see the hard standing area below.

The stand, from on the pitch.

An appreciative sign on the side of the stand.

Tour almost over, we have reached the Bromley bar.

Inside the walls are adorned with club memorabilia.

Including a programme from their greatest day, in front of a full house of 100,000!

And here we are, back at the turnstiles where we began.

To finish, a few shots from the game....

This man moaned constantly at the poor lino!

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Anonymous said...

I think I was at this game. It was most memorable for the incident in the second half when the fox chased the goose across the pitch and Mad John almost had an eppy!
Great times.