Monday 26 September 2011

Vale of Clyde; Scotland

Vale of Clyde play in the West of Scotland Central League First Division, & although I've never seen them play I have watched at game here. Completely by 'accident'! It was a Sunday in May 2010, I was hoping to watch a womens game in the morning at another ground, but when I got there it was off. I wandered around & noticed that Fullartaon Park was marked on my Glasgow A to Z, not too far away. A football ground wasn't marked, but the name rang a bell in my head, as a non-league venue. I got there just before two o'clock & a local Sunday league Cup Final was about to kick off! I have no idea who the two teams were, as there was no programme. It was very one sided, but who cares...ground ticked! ;-)

The entrance was through this gate, the rest of the ground was well fenced in, so I don't think I'd have been able to gain access if there wasn't a game on.

Through we go.

A poster advertising travel to an away game,the day before.

A view over the pitch as we get inside.

Immediately through the entrance there are club buildings to the left, & set back to the top left, are 'typical' Scottish non-league toilets!

These ones!

Quality eh? ;-)

Back to where we came our right is an open terrace. There was no clubhouse here, so note the various bags of booze & discarded bottles & cans.

The covered area is opposite. But like many Scottish Junior grounds there are no seats.

To our left there is more open terracing, in front of the changing rooms & refreshment hut. That is the direction we are heading, round the ground, clockwise.

Several good steps of terrace, with a solid brick wall at the front.

This is Scotland, so more booze rubbish everywhere.

As we move along the brick wall stops, & is replaced by a rail.

The terracing, which seems older than the hard concrete in the centre, goes on to the corner.

Turning round you can see the contrasting styles.

A full length view down this first side.

At the corner we see over the pitch, to the covered side.

Nothing behind the goal, just an open grass bank.

From this angle we glance back down the main open side again, the building nearest to us on the right is a refreshment hut, but no alcohol.

The rail stops at the netting, & continues the other side.

From behind the goal we look toward the shed.

Before heading on there we turn back to get a shot of the Snack Bar.

Moving on, toward the next corner.

Down the covered side it's more grass banking, no terracing.

From this side we see the banked end we just walked along.

Almost at the cover now, at the top of the slope, I think I've accidentally caught someone having a wee behind it, to the left! ;-)

From this side we look directly over the pitch, to the terraced side.

The dugouts are set well apart, on this side, at the bottom of the cover.

One of the dugouts.

There is rough hard standing under the cover at the top of this side.

The grass is worn away in front of it, so it's clearly a popular vantage point.

Past the roof there is more grass banking to the bottom end of the ground.

Surrounded by trees, these mask what a rundown area the ground is in.

Looking back to the enclosure & the dugouts.

At the third corner now, a half time penalty competition about to commence.

Behind this goal it is more grass banking, with a worn path at the top.

From this end we see the covered side again.

Like the other end there is no pitch rail behind the net.

Moving on we are now on our way back to the terraced side where we came in.

It is a decent terrace as you can see, but take note also of that man on the pitch at half time, heading toward the penalties. We shall see more of him...

Looking down the touchline, I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled on a game at such a nice ground.

Now a few snaps from the game, and...

The chap I he is celebrating a goal.

Get in there! For some reason the lineman shows no interest in getting him off the pitch. Don't worry I was quite scared of him too! ;-)

He's having a great day.

Back to the penalty shoot out....

He's down there somewhere, offering his encouragement...

All over, off he goes, as we wait for the game to start. And look at the 'mars bars' on his back! No wonder Glasgow's got a reputation for being rough!

That's enough of him, for now! Back to the game...


Ah, there he is again!

Back to the football...


Anonymous said...

I like that ground.
Seems to be runable.
Simple, but adequate.

By the way - a club from 1873..
Got to be one of the eldest ones in Scotland?

Anonymous said...

Why no beers for sale ?