Monday 31 October 2011

SC Concordia; Hamburg, Germany

SC Concordia play in the Landesliga Hamburg-Hansa, which is on the sixth rung of the German football pyramid.

I took these photos of their ground in late November 2010, it took a while to find, as it was situated away from their club bar/restaurant, and was behind a basic pitch, hidden by some woods over the road. Once discovered, well, oh what a delight! One day I would love to see a game here. There are clearly some decent old non-league grounds in Hamburg!

The club restaurant, which is the 'location' I had.

A pitch over the road from it.

Through the trees, at the far end of it, set back to the left, was this entrance to the main stadium.

No idea. Hope it doesn't say 'keep out-no photographs'! ;-)

Through the gate and one end of the ground was in view.

Changing rooms set back behind this ocrner.

Going up to the pitch there is an open terraced end to our left. It is from this point, where I came in, that we will head round the ground, clockwise.

To our right, down the side, is a larg open terrace.

Time to head behind the goal and onto the open terracing here.

From the back we look into the setting sun, to the seats running along the far side.

The larger open terrace in the other direction.

Still over to the terrace side, just behind the post.

Directly behind the net.

And left, to the seats, straight into the sun.

Moving along we turn back along this open end.

Over the pitch, from the corner.

Under the cover of the seated stand, down the side, from the corner.

It is at this corner where there appears to be the main spectator entrance.

Stepping back a few paces we can see a club noticeboard on the back of the stand.

In it a poster from the previous home game.

Back in the seats.

Turning forwards, we see over the pitch, banks of terrace opposite.

Some rows don't have actual plastic seats on.

Slowly moving down the side, we turn back to the terrace we have already walked across.

In the other direction we can see even more terracing behind the next goal.

Over the pitch to the terrace on the dugouts side.

The seats only go halfway along, the roof continuing over some steps of terracing, with an announcers box in the centre.

For the last section under cover there are some wooden benches.

Heading toward the end of the covered side.

We can now clearly see the large open terrace behind the goal.

Turning round, to glance back down the benches.

Another angle across the pitch.

The terracing behind the next goal.

Looking directly along it.

Down the stand side.

Up above the goal, looking down the pitch.

Turning back to the stand.

With the big open terrace to the left.

At the corner there is a gap in the terracing.

This leads down to an old entrance, which appears long disused.

It leads out to the wooded parkland.

This is how it looks from outside.

Back inside this lower entrance is the club war memorial.

Retracing our steps, back up to the ground, the large terrace behind the goal, now to our right.

This is the last side we have still to see.

Clearly age has caused some of the terracing to shift.

From the back of it we can see the dugouts further along, at the front.

Turning back to see the corner we have just explored.

From on the side terrace we glance across the pitch, to the seated area opposite.

At the top now, almost in the middle.

There is a gantry at the back, with a large hoarding on the front.

I didn't climb up it, but here we can see the back of it, from outside the ground.

Moving on past it.

The other dugout down in front, the end where we began as backdrop.

A close up of one of the dugouts.

Here is the pair of them.

A look at them from on the pitch, but I was really photographing these mounds. No idea what causes them? Moles or something?

Back on the side terrace, to the corner where we began, to finish.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Sportsplaz Marienthal was a wonderful place to watch football. My favourite place to stand was high on the terracing next to the gantry (FMS are the club sponsors). Unfortunately the stadium is no more, despite what seems to be a very thriving club house (shown in one of the first photos you took) the club decided they could not afford to maintain the stadium and played their last game there on 22nd May 2009. Yes before your visit.

I think the stadium was bulldozed for housing earlier this year.
I've never been back to see SC Concordia since the stadium closed. They now play on a plain grass pitch about 2 km's away.

Anonymous said...

This is a follow up to my previous comment.
Maybe the stadium has not been bulldozed yet.
I think it was sold for housing. What i have found out recently is that there was a public consultation meeting regarding the use/sale of the land held on Sept. 1st 2011.
The following link is the information document produced for that meeting.

It includes more recent photographs than those posted on your site showing an overgrown pitch. Stadium still looked good when the pictures were taken.