Wednesday 25 June 2008

Danson (Bexley Borough)

If you were to walk past the Welling United football ground, from the direction of Welling train station, a few hundred yards, you'd see this sign of the local leisure centre. Which was also the name of a former Kent League venue, tucked just behind it.
Sadly I never got round to seeing a game there when it was in use, but I knew the old stand was still there, so climbed through a hole in the fence surrounding the pitch, to take thes snaps at the end of May 2008.

I believe this was the only cover they had, when it was in use.
Not the concrete on the floor, to the right of it.

Still railed off down the side.

And all the way down the far side, but I was too lazy to
walk over and take a photo close up.

And the stand again. Remember that concrete I mentioned?
Clearly a dugout was once there, but only one is still left.


Art Tidesco said...

Gosh I used hang out around these parts when I went to Crook Log Junior School back in the 60's does Danson (Bexley Borough) FC still exist ?

Rabbler said...

I'm pretty sure they folded. They moved to Swanley (the old Alma Swanley ground) & became Swanley Furness. but dropped out of the Kent League a few years later. Click on my post for Orpington FC to look at this ground.

Anonymous said...

this venue is now the home of OPK football club, they plan to improve things here over the next three seasons, it would be nice for someone to track the improvements over the time!

Rabbler said...

Thank you for the information about OPK. I may pop back sometime next season to have a look.

dave g said...

OPK have changed name to Bexley Borough. Rumour is another club are going to use this ground starting 2011/12 season. Club rumoured to be Erith and Dartford Town. No connection with either Erith Town FC or Dartford FC.

Rabbler said...

I went back at the end of last season for an early midweek match, Bexley Borough v. Forest Hill Park.
Scroll down on the right hand side of the blog & click on Bexley borugh for the update.

Carthorse said...

When we use to go here in the London Spartan league you could here the teams being given out at Bexley United which was starnge also remmember one game with the refere having to take the players of the pitch in the 1980 as the hail was so hard!