Wednesday 18 March 2009


I took the opportunity of visiting Warlingham, who play in the Combined Counties League First Division, on 5th May 2007, when they lost 3-1 at home to Frimley Green. You can't really get more basic than this. A simple roped off pitch in a public park, but no less enjoyable for it. an end of season match, but entertaining, on a sunny afternoon.

The "do's & don'ts" from the local council!

This was the only building, changing rooms, and a small tea room club house area. There was no licenced bar.

Teams helpfully displayed, for those who like to keep such records.

Along with a nice touch, greeting the visitors on it.

Here I'm on the halfway line, looking across to the dugouts.

A bit of goalmouth action.

And action on the ball, which shows the open parkland behind.

A look at the dugouts, with some of the roped off crowd just past them.

Again there's nothing to see, groundwise, just openness.

At a guess this was one of those 'groundhoppers'! ;-)

This was the tea bar, inside the main building, & after a can of coke for refreshment on a warm day I went home!

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