Monday 23 February 2009

AFC Tubize training ground; Tubize, Belgium

I'm not sure of the actual name of this small ground, presumably a former home of a Tubize side, before the new ground was built. This ground is up on a hill, directly behind the main AFC Tubize stadium. I wasn't looking for it, I found it by 'accident' as I was heading towards the big venue.

An extremely muddy pitch, it is a basic railed off one. Next to it, on a lower level, is an all weather one, which we will look at in a moment.

Hard standing behind the goal.

Grass banking down the side, notice those red seats further along, behind the dugouts...

There appears to be the shell of a small stand,

With the old seats dumped in a skip.

As we walk across the pitch itself you can see how muddy it is!

Set back behind the goal is a 'training wall'.

Through netting on the other side we look across the pitch to the grass banking opposite.

Here is the all weather pitch, the grass pitch is behind us, as we look towards it. The main AFC Tubize ground is down the hill, past the far corner of this photo.

Another angle of the all-weather surface, as local youngsters take part in coaching sessions.

Set behind this goal is a changing room building, with the higher level with the glass front being a bar area.

The bins are in club colours, not as strange as it sounds, as they are the corporate colours of the local authority.

We leave this ground, and walk out behind the bar, round the back, and down the hill to the main stadium. On the way down, through the park, is this wonderful piece of 'street art', cartoon type sculptures of footballers! I've certainly not seen anything like this before!

It was the only thing worth seeing in the town....even the local museum was shut!

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