Wednesday 25 February 2009

UR Namur training ground; Namur, Belgium

I am not sure of the actual name of this small ground, it was dark and raining when I took these photos, so it will be very difficult to make much out in them, with the poor quality of my old 'digital box brownie'. On a future trip I hope to take some daylight photos, if I ever get round to it I'll let you know!

There is a small bit of terracing here, with a covered stand in front of the glass fronted clubhouse behind, on the halfway line.

Here is a closer look.

And another attempt from in front of it.

Behind the goal are a couple of steps of terracing, made from scaffolding supports & wood.

A look at the goalmouth, trying to show how bad the weather was.

Along the far side was a small area of cover.

A shot of one of the dugouts.

Some of the Namur playing training under the lights.

In the corner were three pillars, presumably once used to hold up a scoreboard, or something similar.

A punctured football lies in the back of the goal.

Look at the state of that goalmouth!

I realise these snaps were rather poor, and not really worth publishing, but since I had them I thought they were slightly better than none at all!

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