Friday 13 November 2009

South Kilburn

Following on from my original visit to South Kilburn where the fame was switched from the main ground to the adjacent pitch I returned in August 2010 for the next Hellenic Hop, when it was played on the proper arena.

These snaps are basically 'repeats' of the earlier ones, but on a matchday, & not so many!

This gate was the way in, past the sports centre itself.

Inside the crowd are along the touchline.

The second dugout the other way.

Behind us are the changing rooms, in the sports complex.

Some spectators preferring to have an elevated view, some way from the pitch itself.

A close up, behind one of the dugouts.

No stand, so bring your own seats!

Adidas hoardings give the gorund a more enclosed feel.

From the corner looking over the pitch.

Almost behind the goal, from one end to the other.

Glancing back to the dugout side.

Along the other side there is now hard standing, with this paving.

Way back behind the bench.

Now a few from the game, about to kick off.

The original post is below:

I visited South Kilburn on the August Bank Holiday earlier this season. Or I should say 'almost visited'! It was the middle game of the 'Hellenic League Hop', & as it was in London I decided to go to their game against Rayners Lane in Division One East. On arriving, for a 2.30pm kick off, I discovered the pitch was unplayable, and the Hop organisers frantically trying to sort something out. Thankfully there was a very understanding League official, who insisted that the game should go ahead, on an adjoining pitch. This was outside the perimeter of the main pitch at the Vale Farm Sports Centre, the ground confusingly having the same name at Wembley Football Club next door, & as a number of people said this had been used previously by Middlesex County Leaguers Willesden Constantine, so I count this as a seperate ground visited, even if it just a pitch, rather than the main pitch, which is the proper home of South Kilburn.

This is the entrance to the Vale Farm Sports Centre.

The home side have their club minibus parked up outside.

Going through the entrance I come out this side of the building.

Where people are standing used to be a running track. Now clearly well disused. an outer railing still goes round the old track, with a recent one around the football pitch 'in the middle', presumably to gain the minimum Hellenic League gradings.

Behind one goal here you can see the old fence, with a football going around the top of the slight grass banking.

This is the same end, where you can see the newer inner railed off pitch surround.

Paving slabs have been laid down the sports centre side, for some hard standing.

Club banners have been erected in ttempt to create a feel of homeliness.

Dugouts that look recently erected too are in place.

Past the dugout is more hard paving, and the wide expanse of the old track area.

Further back ,at this corner, is the old rails around the track.

This is the new fencing, immediately behind the goal, opposite the end we started off at.

Oh dear! This shows you how poor the pitch was.

Set behind this goal is a solitary bench. The only 'grandstand' in the place!

Here we turn the corner, down the far side, with 'double railings' all the way along.

Here we look all the way down this touchline.

Again we see how 'rough' the playing surface is.

From this side we look back across to the sports centre. The open area behind, to the right of it, is where the game was played.

Here we are back down the end where we started our circuit from, looking at the corner we began.

Here we look across the pitch from behind the old athletics track fence.

From behind the goal we glance over toward the dugouts.

Another look at the awful pitch, on the edge of the penalty box.

Time to head over to the other pitch, sports centre behind, as the teams come out for the delayed match.

Most of the 'hoppers are on the grass bank side.

There was an old weather beaten school gymnasium type bench behind the goal furthest from the building.

It soon filled up!

The players warm up for the match.

Down the touchline again, I couldn't forget the corner flags could I? ;-)

Relaxing in the sun..a 'laziness of groundhoppers' perhaps?

Another look at the crowd, from the other end of the pitch. Keep behind the rope chaps!



This is a soul destroying ground.Why dfon't the redevelop stuff lik this instead of Hendon FC .Whats the S.P on Hendon's ground?

Rabbler said...

It might be soul destroying for you, but it is still a small club's ground!
I can't see what your problem is, seeing as you are never going to visit them yourself.

As for Hendon's old ground as far as I know iy has not been built on yet by the owners, but is due to be redeveloped into housing once the property market picks up.

May I suugest you find the hendon supporters' messageboard and ask the question on there?

Anonymous said...

have you been to Kilburn's ground recently?

Work at the ground has been ongoing throughout the season and clear improvements have been made both on and surrounding the pitch.

Given that the club was only formed 6 years ago, the current league position and state of the ground is a credit to South Kilburn Football Club.

I strongly suggest you revisit Vale Farm and see the improvements first hand.