Sunday 8 November 2009

FC Haje; Prague, Czech Republic

FC Haje are in the top flight of the Prague leagues, which is the fifth divisional level in the Czech pyramid.

A two pitch ground, one grass, one all-weather. As with a number of local Prague sides who have both, they seem to use the all-weather one, even when the naturally surfaced one is perfectly playable.

Despite the sign from the main road, I still managed to miss the ground, and had to double back!

It says TJ Haje, as does the badge on the side of the buildings, but the website calls them FC Haje.

As you can see here.

By the main buildings is the grass pitch. There are a couple of steps, with overhang above, in front of it.

Past that is a verandah in front of the bar/restaurant.

Here is the club name on the side.

It's railed off down this side, with some steep grass banking behind the goal.

The banks start along the side, once we are past the buildings.

From up here it's a long way down!

There are a couple of benches in the corner, which have clearly been there for many years, as a tree is now growing in front of one! From here we can see across to the adjacent all-weather pitch.

A similar angle, but here we concentrate on the grass pitch.

Looking back down the main side we see how the banking slopes down to the main building.

From up behind the goal we look over both pitches. Note some sort of stand beyond the other pitch.

Here we look at the corner of the grass banking, which we've just walked round.

And further along we glance downwards once more.

Now down pitchside, we are at the dugouts, with the all-weather surface beyond.

Now at the all-weather surface, there is some hard standing on this dug out side.

We're now the other side of the all-weather pitch.

This is the local handball club, with their own wooden stand, behind the goal on the all-weather pitch.

As we move along here is another angle of the HC Haje stand.

Towards the corner of the all-weather pitch we look back to the dug outs, and the strip of hard standing, with the grass pitch in the background.

Now we're back down to the lower end of the grass pitch, with the locked entrance to the handball court behind.

From behind this goal we look over to the club buildings.

Behind this goal it's flat, railed off, hard standing.

With another shot of this end, from the side.

And finally back round to the part of the ground where we started our tour.



looks the pits Ray!


but great blog!!!!! Why u in the Czech Repub so much.Do I detect a bird?

Rabbler said...

First of all the 'real' name is Mishi,so don't call me Ray!
I go to the Czech Republic once a year as a 'birthday treat' to myself. I like the country, there's plenty of football and ice hockey, two sports I enjoy at all levels. Plus it is cheap, which is important for someone like me with a limited amount od spare cash.

As for the clearly don't know me. Aside from the fact I wouldn't use the term 'bird' as I find it outdated, demeaning and sexist, the Czech bird I am interested in are ones that are cooked and on my dinner plate! ;-)

If i had a Czech partner I wouldn't be spending so much time searching out grounds to photograph, which-incidentally in case you haven't worked out-is a hobby I very much enjoy.